Absolut and Tomorrowland launch AR festival experience

8th July, 2021 by Alice Brooker

Scanning a limited edition bottle of Absolut vodka will transport consumers to a 360° augmented reality (AR) Tomorrowland festival.

The augmented reality experience of the Tomorrowland festival is available now through Snapchat

Pernod Ricard and Tomorrowland have introduced an augmented reality (AR) experience through Snapchat, in which users scan a limited edition Absolut vodka bottle to attend the virtual festival.

“With global AR adoption increasing, the technology is redefining the way that people experience the world around them,” said Lara Mochtar, Absolut’s brand manager.

“The partnership between Absolut, Snap and GoSpooky celebrates AR’s ability to bring people together in the digital sphere.”

Absolut vodka and Tomorrowland teamed up with Snapchat developer Snap and social media agency GoSpooky to deliver the AR lens.

The virtual experience will display a stage, special effects and present the opportunity to order Absolut cocktails at the bar.

Gaynelle Brautigam, GoSpooky’s AR lead, said: “We’re so excited to showcase the power of AR through a lens that really provides value to audiences.

“The technology allows brands like Tomorrowland and Absolut to offer immersive experiences and engage people in new, unforgettable ways.

“With features like Snap’s pack scan, the AR space is wide open in terms of what we can achieve at the intersection of creativity and technology.”

The pack scan feature is available internationally, and accessible for the first time in the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Around the World, the second edition of Tomorrowland’s online music event, will take place on the ‘digital island’ of Pāpiliōnem from 16-17 July.

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