Brexit LIVE: Brussels under fire! EU’s attacks on UK jab ‘will have led to deaths’

GB News: Dan Wootton slams criticism to AstraZeneca

Independent studies have shown the UK developed AstraZeneca jab is safe, and highly effective at preventing COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths. However key figures such as French President Emmanuel Macron were quick to question the validity of the AstraZeneca vaccine – and at one point falsely claimed the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine “is quasi-ineffective on people older than 65, some say those 60 years or older”.

Writing in the Sunday Times, author Bryan Appleyard, picked apart the bloc for its attitude towards the jab.

He wrote: “A British government official has been quoted as saying: ‘The European leaders who trashed the AstraZeneca vaccine have blood on their hands.’

“This must be true: the delays will have led to deaths and the false accusations will have discouraged people from having the jab.

“Furthermore, all those pathetic, gullible anti-vaxxers will be revelling in any news that there’s something wrong with the science.”

French President Emmanuel Macron made false claims about the AstraZeneca vaccine (Image: getty)

Commenting on low vaccination rates in Africa despite the effectiveness of the jab, the author added: “How has this happened? That anonymous official seemed pretty sure it is all down to the EU: ‘They did it out of spite for Britain because of Brexit.’

Unlike some of its rivals, AstraZeneca sold jabs at cost-price making “no profit” from the transactions.

In April the EU launched legal action against AstraZeneca, arguing it had failed to meet its contract for coronavirus vaccines.

The British-Swedish company hit back, claiming the litigation is “without merit” and insisting they delivered to the EU “in line with our forecast”.

According to the Daily Telegraph, AstraZeneca is now “exploring options” for its coronavirus vaccine business, which could lead to a trade sale.

Ruud Dobber, who leads AstraZeneca’s biopharmaceuticals team, has admitted the company is “exploring different options” over its future work on vaccines.

Pharmaceutical industry expert Hannah Bolland warned the company could end up leaving the sector.

She commented: “The damage caused by Europe’s assault on AstraZeneca is now becoming clear.”



European leaders have been accused of undermining the AstraZeneca vaccine (Image: GETTY)

12.24am update: Nicola Sturgeon given green light to rejoin EU: ‘End Scotland’s dependence on UK’

NICOLA STURGEON’s plans to rejoin the EU have been given encouragement by an Irish MEP as he told the bloc can end Scotland’s dependence on the rest of the UK.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon remains intent on taking an independent Scotland back into the EU.

She wrote for Parliament Magazine in March that “Scotland’s future is in the EU” and argued “Brexit took the Scots out of the European Union against their will, but future EU membership is part of the vision for an independent Scotland.”

Ms Sturgeon added: “I believe the best way to make that contribution is to regain our place in the European Union. “We didn’t want to leave in the first place and we look forward to a time when we will once again play our part in this great shared endeavour.”

One of the big debates around independence over the years has been whether Scotland could easily regain its place in the bloc.

Irish MEP Billy Kelleher told there should be little opposition to Ms Sturgeon’s ambitions.

11.30pm update: Nicola Sturgeon condemned over ‘refusal to accept Brexit result’ after odd flag decision

Nicola Sturgeon was condemned by Brexiteers for being “obsessed” with flags and for not accepting the Brexit result, amid a bizarre decision to keep flying the EU flag in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon’s independence push has stalled in recent months thanks to the pandemic and polls suggesting support for Scottish secession has decreased.

A Panelbase poll in June found just 48 percent of people – excluding the don’t knows – would support independence if a referendum were held, down from 52 percent in April.

Earlier this month, Dennis Canavan, chairman of the Yes campaign in 2014, told the Daily Record that Scots faced a choice between the Westminster “straightjacket” or independence.

9.30pm update: Biggest Brexit losers exposed – report reveals top 10 EU member states suffering

The EU countries who have suffered the most because of Brexit have been revealed in a new report.

Facts4EU.Org revealed the financial carnage that losing the UK has wreaked on the bloc’s members.

Not surprisingly, Germany came out as the biggest loser after its economy was down £12.2billion in the last 12 months compared with 2016 – the year of the referendum vote.

It was followed by Belgium (£3.7billion), France (£3.3billion), the Netherlands (£2.7billion), and Spain (£2.6billion).

The website also revealed that UK consumers bought £28 billion less from the EU last year than in the referendum year.

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Image: Getty)

8.37pm update: Brexit Britain sent urgent warning over ‘ceding’ Gibraltar to Spain- No ‘strategic value!’

A former BBC foreign correspondent has claimed that “logic suggests that the UK should cede” Gibraltar to Spain.

Sir Max Hastings, a prominent journalist and author, voiced his distaste for Brexit as he claimed it had given the country a “raft of new diplomatic headaches the UK does not need”.

Writing for Bloomberg, the 75-year-old said: “Logic suggests that the UK should cede the territory, which no longer has any possible strategic value.

“I urged this on Douglas Hurd, foreign secretary in the 1990s, when he bemoaned to me the hair-raising secret service reports detailing criminal activity bankrolled through Gibraltar.

“But I am not a politician.

“The view of successive British governments about such things — including the refusal to surrender the Falkland Islands to Argentina — is that to quit Gibraltar would enrage jingoistic opinion at home for no political benefit.

“Thus I am ruefully confident that Britain will still lord it over the Rock and its most famous inhabitants, a colony of Barbary macaques on its lofty eminence, visited by generations of British sailors and tourists, when I am carted away to the grave.

7.49pm update: David Schneider claims Lord Digby Jones lied over Brexit

David Schneider has claimed that under fire politician Lord Digby Jones led about Brexit.

The comedian tweeted: “A reminder that in 2019 Lord Digby Jones said not a single job would be lost because of Brexit.

“In unrelated news, here’s the Digby Jones index of all the jobs lost so far because of Brexit.”

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson (Image: Getty)

6.67pm update: Tory MP’s dire warning as ‘little chance’ for rest of the world if UK fails pandemic exit

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen delivered a stark admission that there was little hope for the rest of the world to come out of the pandemic successfully if the UK does not.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen believes the introduction of vaccine passports for places like nightclubs will never pass in the House of Commons but fears the Government may seek to use emergency powers to introduce them if they were so desperate.

Mr Bridgen explained the UK’s overwhelmingly successful vaccination programme was being admired across the world but stressed if the UK could not exit the coronavirus pandemic without things like vaccine passport then there was “little chance” for other nations.

Forecasters believe the UK economy will strongly recover in the second half of 2021 as the UK has benefitted from being one of the first nations with a functioning vaccination programme and one of the first to lift restrictions.

6pm update: Johnson facing Brexit-induced setback over Gibraltar

Boris Johnson is facing a Brexit-induced diplomatic setback over Gibraltar, Max Hastings has claimed.

The prominent journalist and political commentator claimed that “the tensions involving Gibraltar, migration and Northern Ireland” hightlighted the troubles that post-Brexit Britain will face.

Writing in Bloomberg, he said: “The standard-bearers for Brexit made grandiose claims that it would ‘set Britain free’ to develop its full potential.

“But freedom can also bring loneliness. Johnson is accumulating foreign adversaries — not quite enemies, but people who do not wish him well — much faster than he is winning allies and admirers.”

4.43pm update: EU citizens who applied to stay in Britain facing threat of deportation

Some EU citizens who applied to stay in the UK after Brexit are under threat of deportation, a charity has claimed.

Legal charity Bail for Immigration Detainees (Bid) has accused the Home Office of not honouring the terms of the withdrawal agreement – which would have given these people the right to remain in the country.

One EU national, who requested anonymity, told the Observer: “They’re trying to play with mine and my family’s lives and it’s not fair. I’m supposed to have rights.”

Pierre Makhlouf, legal director of Bid, said: “Whether this is due to administrative or wilful neglect may be unclear, but by ignoring the legal steps that EU nationals have undertaken to assert their rights, the UK is in breach of the its duties under the withdrawal agreement.”

A Home Office spokesperson rejected the claims as “completely baseless” and despite a number of cases featured in the article having been contested by the Home Office in immigration tribunals – the latest of which occurred on Friday – claimed “the Observer had failed to provide any proof whatsoever that detention or removal directions are being served to those with EUSS Settlement Scheme Status”.

They added: “Our approach means that should immigration enforcement encounter anyone without EUSS but who may be eligible, we will work with them to enable them to apply and signpost them to available support. If someone has applied to the EU Settlement Scheme by the 30 June deadline, but has not had a decision yet, their rights are protected until their application is decided.”

Priti Patel

Home Secretary Priti Patel (Image: Getty)

3.54pm update: Brexit and Covid created “perfect moment” for crackdown politics

Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic have created the “perfect moment” for the politics of crackdown, according to a columnist.

John Harris branded Boris Johnson’s attempts to counter woke warriors as “authoritarian manouevring” and claimed “it mixes cynical posturing with a coherent drive to weaken basic liberties”.

Writing in the Guardian, he added: “The politics of crackdowns thrive when millions are encouraged to feel besieged and imperilled, a condition that looks set to endure.

“As well as the pandemic, the summer’s floods also suggest this could be our future.

“And there’s a huge political danger: the prospect of climate change and the environmental damage that threatens more pandemics remaining unchecked, while governments endlessly crack down on the instability these things let loose and the communities who are most affected.”

3.17pm update: Oliver Pritchard-Jones taking over from James Bickerton

3.07pm update: EU lunacy laid bare – 20% of post-Brexit checks happen in NI – 3-times more than Rotterdam

Around 20 percent of the EU’s external border checks are happening in Northern Ireland, highlighting the everyday disruption caused by post-Brexit trade rules in the region.

Authorities in the area handled 20 percent of all shipments that require agri-food checks and controls, according to officials on the ground.

The statistic is now being used by Downing Street to highlight the disruption caused by the EU-ordered red tape.

And the number of checks is only expected to increase once a series of exemptions from the rules, including the EU’s ban on British sausages being sold in the region, expire this autumn.

1.57pm update: EU nightmare – Switzerland reached ‘Brexit moment’ after breakdown between bloc and Bern

Switzerland endured a “Brexit moment”, according to an expert on European politics, as the nation decided to end negotiations with the bloc.

The EU has clashed with the UK in recent weeks over the Brexit withdrawal agreement as Brussels and London dispute the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The European Commission has offered up two sets of proposals – one on medicine and one on food – hoping to end the dispute with the UK.

And now Brussels has even paused its legal action against the UK for alleged breaches of the Protocol.

Peter Bone discusses Chris Bryant’s Brexiteer retweet

12.43pm update: Merkel hammerblow: German economy has taken £12bn hit as Brits boycott EU, claims report

Germany’s economy has been hit to the tune of more than £12billion as a result of British consumers shunning EU products after Brexit, a new analysis has suggested.

And the economies of France, Spain and Belgium have also been clobbered as Brits vote with their wallets in protest of the UK’s treatment by Brussels, the research, published by pro-Brexit think tank Facts4EU today, has claimed.

Facts4EU’s report follows on from one published yesterday based on figures released by the Office for National Statistics on Tuesday, which indicated sales into the UK by members of the EU27 in the last 12 months were £27.8billion lower than in 2016.

11.46am update: No decency! Leo Varadkar’s party gloats with ‘tasteless’ vaccine tweet after passing UK

Leo Varadkar’s party has been criticised for boasting about Ireland’s soaring vaccination rate compared to the UK’s, with critics branding it “deeply inappropriate” and “in very bad taste”.

Fine Gael tweet saying “Ireland has overtaken the UK in fully vaccinating our adult population against Covid-19” was met with a huge backlash, with some accusing the group of “gloating” over a sensitive issue.

It included a table comparing the UK’s rate of 72.1 percent and Ireland’s 72.4 percent.

10.35am update: Time to act! Now Ireland ordered to step into tense EU row with Brexit Britain

The Irish government has been urged to intervene with Brussels if it wants to fix the ongoing row over the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol.

Unionists are furious the policy, introduced as part of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, has resulted in customs checks on trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. 

They argue this undermines British sovereignty and has caused shortages of some goods in the province.


The Daily Express campaigned passionately for Brexit (Image: EXPRESS )

9.46am update: EU warned against trade war with Brexit Britain – ‘They have got more to lose!’

The EU has been warned against starting a trade war with Brexit Britain, as the bloc has more to lose, it has been claimed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has turned down Brussels’ latest attempt to solve problems with the post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, insisting that the withdrawal agreement signed last year must be renegotiated.

A series of proposals published by the European Commission on Monday were said to be “not enough” for the scale of the problems.

A UK Government spokesperson said the two sides instead needed “comprehensive and durable solutions”.

8.31am update: EU warned against trade war with Brexit Britain: ‘They have got more to lose!’

The EU has been warned against starting a trade war with Brexit Britain, as the bloc has more to lose, it has been claimed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has turned down Brussels’ latest attempt to solve problems with the post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, insisting that the withdrawal agreement signed last year must be renegotiated.

A series of proposals published by the European Commission on Monday were said to be “not enough” for the scale of the problems.

A UK Government spokesperson said the two sides instead needed “comprehensive and durable solutions”.

8.16am update: Brexit bombshell – UK on verge of New Zealand tie-up – opening up £9TRN trade area

Champions of Global Britain believe International Trade Secretary Liz Truss is on the verge of striking a deal with New Zealand that will deliver on the promise of Brexit and clear the way for a new relationship with some of the world’s most dynamic economies.

The UK completed the latest round of free trade talks with New Zealand last week and Ms Truss said the two countries are “closing in on a deal which would be one of the most advanced struck by any nation”.

There is excitement that a successful deal will turbo-charge efforts to win membership of a £9trillion trans-Pacific free trade area and open up new markets for British exports.

Eleven countries including Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam are members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

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