The best 17-inch laptop 2021: top large-screen notebooks for any budget

The best 17-inch laptops tower over their smaller counterparts in more ways than one. These laptops are not only herculean in size, but in power, performance, and display as well. So, while 13-inch notebooks might win in portability and 15-inch laptops have proven themselves a favorite among professionals, a strong case can be made for the biggest portables.

You’re not just getting a much bigger display – although the fact that you have more screen real estate is definitely a major advantage, especially for gaming and video editing. More importantly, excellent 17-inch laptops come with more powerful processors and GPUs, which means that they can handle the more demanding workloads. Some even come with bigger batteries. Finally, since they have a lot of room in their chassis, they have enough space not only for such components but also better heat management. 

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