Sony FX3 is officially its smallest, cheapest cinema camera for pro filmmakers

The Sony FX3 has officially landed – and as expected, it’s the smallest, cheapest Sony cinema camera so far and a compelling alternative to the excellent Sony A7S III.

There are certainly a lot of similarities between the Sony FX3 and A7S III. Both are 12.1MP full-frame cameras that are compatible with Sony’s E-Mount lenses and can shoot 4K/60p video. But the FX3 sits in Sony’s Cinema line, which means it’s specifically designed for pro filmmakers, rather than the hybrid shooters (think weddings and live concerts) targeted by the Alpha-badged A7S III.

Sony FX3

(Image credit: Sony)

So how to the two cameras differ? The main physical differences are that the FX3 loses the built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) seen on its sibling, but gains some fan-assisted active cooling and a bundled handle accessory, which improves its handling and cleverly boosts its audio options. 

The FX3 also gains filmmaking-specific extras, including a rather fetching tally lamp (below), which clearly shows when the camera is recording to avoid any mishaps. 

Sony FX3

(Image credit: Sony)

The FX3’s removable handle (below) slots into its multi-interface shoe and includes twin XLR/TRS jacks. These are the go-to standard for pro audio recording and gives it the same sound options as the Sony FX6, a much larger camera that costs a painful $6,000 / £6,000 / AU$9,500.

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