RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and other GPUs are in stock this weekend – here’s how to get it

The RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 are in stock this weekend, and there are more GPUs where that came from as part of the Newegg Shuffle, a lottery designed to make finding out-of-stock graphics cards somewhat fair. We also tracked a GPU stock on Amazon this morning, though it was impossible to get it.

Our 24/7 GPU restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider will send you an alert when graphics cards are back in stock – if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. Matt is monitoring all stores in the US, and while the Newegg Shuffle is randomized and bundles graphics cards with motherboards and monitors, it’s cheaper than eBay, and Amazon and Best Buy GPU stock last less than a minute.

Trust factor: Matt Swider has helped 40,000 people get next-gen consoles through his Xbox and PS5 restock alerts, and he’s now tracking GPU stock in the US. Here’s an example of a GPU restock Twitter alert.

GPU restock

(Image credit: Twitter / Matt Swider)

GPU restock Twitter tracker news for June 12

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