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WWE is reportedly considering a name change for the Elimination Chamber.

Officials are currently looking at re-branding the Elimination Chamber to the WrestleMania Chamber, according to Dave Meltzer. It was noted that the name change is not official until it’s announced, but it is being considered.

There’s no word on if this name change has anything to do with WWE taking the Chamber structure to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As noted earlier this week at this link, it was revealed that WWE has plans to take the Elimination Chamber to Saudi Arabia for the next event held there, on Saturday, February 19.

WWE began billing the Elimination Chamber event as “No Way Out” in Germany back in 2010, to avoid any connotations of gas chambers used in the Holocaust during World War II. The same name was used in 2012, but the event was called “No Escape” in 2011. WWE used the “No Escape” name again in 2013 in Germany, and that has been the name of the match since then for that country.

The last Chamber matches took place at the 2021 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Daniel Bryan won the first Chamber match of the night for an immediate title shot from WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and then Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Title in the second Chamber match of the night. The last women’s Chamber match took place at the 2020 pay-per-view, which saw Shayna Baszler get the win for a title shot at WrestleMania 36. The 2020 event also featured The Miz and John Morrison retaining the SmackDown Tag Team Titles inside the steel structure.

There’s still no word on if WWE will hold a men’s and women’s Chamber match in Saudi Arabia, but we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more on the possible WrestleMania Chamber re-branding and WWE’s return to Saudi Arabia.

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