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The showcase of the ticket sales. WrestleMania 37 was a special show for a variety of reasons, as things changes in a big way this year. The biggest change of all was WWE finally having fans back after thirteen months of mainly empty buildings. That is the kind of thing that can shake up the company in a big way and that is what it did here. Now we know some more details about how big of a deal it was.

In addition to bringing back some much needed energy to the company, WrestleMania 37 also allowed the company to bring in some money that wasn’t just based on television contracts or online merchandise sales. That might not seem all that important, but WWE can always use some extra money and some of the figures they brought in are rather impressive.

According to Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston, WWE sold 40,806 tickets over the course of two nights (20,172 on the first night and 20,634 on the second night). These sales produced a combined live gate of $6.2 million ($3.058 million on the first night and $3.187 million on the second night). These numbers are from the Tampa Sports Authority, the government body that oversees sports in the city. WWE announced both nights at 25,675 people, which could be correct including free tickets.

The people saw a heck of a pair of shows. Check out what went down:


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