Aleister Black Recalls Being Unhappy With His NXT Debut, Says Velveteen Dream Match Helped Get The Wrestling World’s Attention

During a recent Twitch stream pro-wrestling superstar and current free agent Tommy End (fka Aleister Black) discussed his debut matchup in NXT against Andrade, a bout that End admits did not go over as originally planned. He also touches on how his Takeover WarGames feud with Velveteen Dream helped elevate him to the next level. Highlights can be found below.

Being unhappy with his NXT debut:

“I wasn’t super content with my debut match, it didn’t go the way it was supposed to go. Andrade is incredible, but I wasn’t happy because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be or what they wanted it to be, but we found ways to enhance it.”

On his feud with Velveteen Dream and feeling untouchable:

“After my match with Dream, the wrestling world took notice. That’s when they put complete trust in me and I proved that I could lead a match and do a storytelling match and take people to the next level. On the main roster, the last three or four months of being in NXT and tagging with Ricochet, probably some of my favorite moments in wrestling. We would have Raw, SmackDown, NXT, a day off, and back on the road. I really felt like a pro wrestler and I felt like I was untouchable. You could throw anything at me and I’d knock it out of the park. You have to work within the boundaries and that’s being a true professional. If you’re able to shine within rules, that’s what makes you a professional. I always loved wrestling The Revival [FTR in AEW] because we have the same way of thinking when it comes to upholding rules because that’s what makes it fun. That forces me to be creative in a different way. I’ve always liked challenging myself. I feel that’s made me into a better professional wrestler. I had to think on my feet. They did that with me and Buddy [Murphy], they gave us an extra five minutes and we figured it out. We worked on the fly and I thrive on that.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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