Storytellers Project 2021 Season is All Set to Amuse Admirers All Across United States

An event has been organized to recall when we listen to stories from our grandma or mother to make us sleep. Fascinating authors and entrepreneurs, marvelous musicians and performers all from America, will appear on the giant screen with amazing stories. They will tell you a story, which is wild, funny, and some will be scary, too surprised to be, but true. You can join them as a listener. If you want, you can share your story as well.

About the New Storyteller Project, 2021

The storyteller project for the 2021 season is all set to start its registration for USA Today storytellers. The event will be processed for 43 nights where Americans are allowed to tell stories related to the themes like race, identity, growing up, and adventurous outings. The project will be aired online on YouTube and some on Facebook pages.

The event is giving a completely different outlook for the people of the US. Also, the event is all about creating empathy and understanding among American Citizens. It will feature renowned celebrities and timely voices to tell content but straightforward stories to America. Besides this, you will need to know that different slot games are also built up with a story in mind, especially from famous books or movies. On the NetBet Casino site, you will find them beautifully excavated in the background with graphics and design.

The Aim of the Storyteller Project

The project will depict a series of stories telling how race and ethnicity have indulged into the identities of American natives. The project will help to pay attention, focusing on learning more about each other deeply. Some of the titles that reveal a person’s identity are titled- “The I Am Series”. In 2020, many of the storytellers fall under color, so this time, the prime agenda is to exclude the stories or topics related to color or race. Although this time, the show will be a virtual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation worldwide.

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What does the Schedule of the Event look like?

The show will be starting from March, curating dozens of stories. The host of the events will be the journalists from the USA Today network newsroom. The stories will be based upon geographical area, reflecting the people’s making the theme related to those regions’ people’s culture and living.


  • “Growing Up” is based on the regional theme and will be streaming from March 4 to April 8;
  • “My Family, My Culture” will be featured from June 3 to July 8;
  • “Home” this story will be held from September 2 to October 7; and
  • Lastly, the “Traditions” cast from November 2 to December 16.

Depicting race and identity, some new stories will be a part of the event- the “I Am” series will debut on March 2 with “I am Black,” which will be substantially followed by “I am Indigenous” on March 30. The story of “I am Hispanic” will be held on May 25, “I am Asian” on August 31, and “I am Middle Eastern” on October 5, 2021.

Offering Financial Support – A Token of Appreciation

People who want to support the event while watching the entire program on the official website of Storyteller 2021 have three ways on their hands. You can purchase for each show by investing in $3 Conscientious Supporter tickets. You can also opt for membership for one year costing $35 or $100. The annual membership token will give you some perks like merchandise, and you can access the card to share your story with the renowned celebrities participating in the contest.

The project will serve as connectivity with the USA Today newsroom with their communities’ people through their journalism to reveal some truthful events to their virtual audiences.

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