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Xbox’s Quick Resume May Be The Coolest Part About New-Gen Consoles

The Xbox Series X and S launched nearly a year ago, and their Quick Resume feature is still incredibly impressive, letting players jump between games.

It’s approaching one year since the new console generation started, and aside from astonishingly fast load times thanks to solid state drives, a feature of both the new Xbox consoles and the PS5, but Xbox has an exclusive feature that continues to impress in its convenience – Quick Resume.

Quick Resume lets Xbox Series X and S players jump between up to three current-gen games seamlessly, with only seconds of preparation. The SSDs have eliminated long waits for loading screens across the board, but Quick Resume operates outside of the individual games’ capabilities altogether. By using save states, a concept familiar to emulation, Xbox players can suspend the current game they are playing, move on to another one, and pick back up exactly where they left off at a future time.

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Many games will save progress in the exact spot a player decides to end on, but Quick Resume is an important console feature which is entirely separated from the save files the game operates with. With any compatible game – which is most of the dedicated Series X/S titles – players don’t even have to worry about saving their progress (unless they’re planning on playing more than two other games before returning). Players can switch to another game at any point during gameplay, and the new Xbox consoles will remember exactly where they left off, taking only a few seconds to get players straight back in the action.

Quick Resume Is Still One Of The Most Impressive New-Gen Features

How PS5 Switcher Is Different From Xbox Series X Quick Resume

Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X/S is a revelation for those who play many games at a time, and extremely convenient for those who primarily buy digitally. The PlayStation 5 relies entirely on its SSD for its impressive load speeds, but the PS5’s Switcher is much different than Quick Resume. In practice, the PS5 can only one run one game at a time. Switching between, for instance, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls doesn’t take very long, but players will have to navigate the main menus and pick up from wherever the last autosave or manual save left them. This is not the case with Quick Resume.

Save states suspend the game exactly where it was left. Players could quit out of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the middle of sailing down a river, and open Gears 5 to an ongoing firefight they didn’t have time to finish earlier – and go back in the same amount of time. Outside of emulation on PC, the Switch is the only platform using save states for its NSO retro games. Xbox’s Quick Resume is currently the pinnacle of accessible convenience. Combine Quick Resume with Xbox‘s strides into cloud gaming, and the platform seems like it has no rival – at least when it comes to bouncing around a busy game library.

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