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X-Men is Letting Cyclops Be Funny Again (And It Rocks)

Many superheroes are known for blurting out hilarious quips mid-battle, and in X-Men #3, Cyclops shows off his own self-deprecating sense of humor.


As the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops has to deal with a myriad of stressful situations. Luckily, he’s not letting his position on Krakoa’s newly elected mutant team go to his head. In fact, Scott Summers seems to be having fun fighting alongside his fellow heroes, showing off a comedic side of his personality that fans haven’t seen in quite some time.

Marvel fans often criticize Cyclops for being a dull character. Despite having been a core member of the X-Men for decades, he is usually forced to act as the straight man for the bigger personalities on the team. While this can certainly make for some fun dynamics, it often causes Cyclops to come across as super strict and rigid. For a skilled leader like Scott, these stringent personality traits can make sense at times, but when applied too heavily, he becomes little more than an unrelatable killjoy. Fortunately, Scott is proving that he’s found a balance between giving serious orders and sprinkling in a bit of humor during battle.

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X-Men #3, by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles, sees the titular team taking on the High Evolutionary and his army of genetically modified animal warriors. As soon as the action starts, Cyclops forms a quick game plan and gives each of his allies an objective. During the fight, however, Scott throws out a few one-liners, showing that he’s able to find a bit of comedy in the situation. While being attacked by an elephant-cyborg, he shouts, “The X-Men love elephants,” seemingly hoping to make his opponent reconsider trampling him. Later on when Synch checks in to see how the rest of the team is faring, Scott chimes in with a dry, “Eh. Hanging in,” while completely surrounded by enemies. Perhaps the most hilarious of Cyclops’ lines, though, comes at the very end of the battle. As the High Evolutionary calls off his troops, readers can see Scott held in a headlock by a giant gorilla while a similarly supersized simian prepares to crush him with a boulder. Despite the obvious predicament he’s in, Cyclops looks up at the beasts and says, “This is–ugh–your lucky day, gentlemen. I had you right where I wanted you.” Considering how close Cyclops comes to being killed, it’s impressive that he’s still able to taunt his foes and it shows a definitive change to his personality.

X-Men #3 Cyclops Versus Teslelephant

Superheroes are often quipping during combat and with the amount of experience Cyclops has gained with the X-Men, it makes sense for him to be picking up this quality. After all, the main focus of this new team of X-Men is to act as true heroes rather than just a Krakoan strike force, so Cyclops is likely trying to adopt a more typical superhero persona. This also puts Scott’s human side on display, allowing him to more easily connect with the people he saves. Having served as a paramilitary leader for a nation of mutants, this aspect of Cyclops had likely fallen by the wayside, but now that he’s out in the field again, he can let loose and have a bit of fun.

Bringing out this comedic side of Scott helps drive home that the X-Men are superheroes first and Krakoans second. They’re sure to work with the mutant nation when necessary, but their first priority is keeping the rest of the world safe. This is obviously a huge statement for Cyclops and his teammates to make, but it is likely to be a big deal for fans as well, as the X-Men are returning to what they’ve done for generations: helping people. Hopefully, Scott’s new personality is here to stay, as fans tend to go long periods of time without seeing the hero’s human side. If the X-Men plan to continue on their heroic path, Cyclops and his teammates should strive to be more light-hearted and crack jokes when they can.

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