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X-Men Artist Reveals Stunning Sketches for Hellfire Gala Costumes

The X-Men rocked fashionable outfits for the Hellfire Gala and now, Way of X artist Bob Quinn is sharing some of the costume sketches.

The X-Men’s Hellfire Gala may be over, but the fun is still going. Bob Quinn, the artist of Way of X and many other comics, has provided a behind-the-scenes look at some of the attendees’ costumes. A few of the X-Men’s outfits could have been very different, though each came with a specific idea in mind for their ideal look.

Galas are the best occasions for elaborate outfits that make statements. The Hellfire Gala was no exception. The guest list included high-profile attendees, such as Kevin Feige, and everyone dressed their best. Mutant haute couture was at its pinnacle, but some of the X-Men in attendance had a few options before deciding on their final selections.

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On Twitter, Bob Quinn shared the concept sketches for Pixie, Loa, and Nightcrawler. This behind-the-scenes look reveals what the focus of each of their designs was and the different variations that nearly happened. It isn’t unusual to see character sketches, but it isn’t often that classic comic characters like X-Men get to have fashion sketches for fans to view. Although the X-Men’s uniforms tend to vary over time, they have similar appearances across each member of the team, or each has a signature look they stick to. The Hellfire Gala opened the door for some very new styles to come out.

Pixie’s final outfit ended up being the long gown with the gloved sleeves and butterflies in her hair, as seen in the bottom left of the sketch. While her hair remained the focus, she nearly had some very zany up-dos. From “Weird Buns” to “Vampire” and even a “Mermaid with Hair Centipede,” these looks are edgy and elevated.

Loa’s chosen lionfish-inspired gown can be seen in the bottom right corner of the sketch. It has an array of shoulder fins, a plunging neckline, and mermaid-cut flare. This X-Men member’s hairstyle didn’t have any questions, but her dress had a variety of options with the cut. For the most part, she was set on a mermaid-cut dress, though a gown with a slit was an option. The main decision to be made involved her neckline. Keeping the lionfish fins was definitely an excellent choice.

While Nightcrawler’s outfit may seem like the simplest of the trio, his actually went through the most variation. He varied between button-up shirts and numerous different coats – as well as accessories! Some of his potential looks were very simple, while others are far more intricate in their accents. As expected, Nightcrawler was absolutely set on the color from the get go. Red is never out of season for Kurt. However, sometimes it can be hard to choose between cuff styles and shoulder pads – not to mention what hat to go with or if a cane might be appropriate. He ultimately selected the best outfit of all, going with an off-the-shoulder cape, cane, and a sleek feathered hat.

If this were a fashion battle between the three, Kurt would certainly be best dressed for the evening. His signature color hasn’t failed him yet and he knows how to pull off a rakish, yet collected outfit with class. The X-Men’s Hellfire Gala may be over, but the clothing designs for some of these fan-favorite characters are memorable. Nightcrawler’s absolutely needs another appearance in the future.

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Source: Bob Quinn

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