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Wonder Woman’s Renaissance Outfit is More Practical Than it Looks

Wonder Woman’s wardrobe has seen some changes in Infinite Frontier, but does her new Elfhame dress allow her to do her usual hero work?

Warning: contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman #776!

Throughout her current arc, Wonder Woman has received numerous new outfits and Wonder Woman #776 finds her in Elfhame – a realm with fairies. In each new world she visits, her costume changes to match the environment and Elfhame has given her a dress that Renaissance Faire attendees would love. However, can she actually fight her enemies in it?

Wonder Woman is a fashion icon, having one of the most easily recognizable costumes in all of comic books. While she has worn numerous other outfits, she frequently returns to variations of her signature suit. This tradition hasn’t stopped as the newest creative team is clearly having lots of fun with Wonder Woman’s wardrobe in her current adventures.

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Wonder Woman #776 comes from Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Jill Thompson, Jordie Bellaire, and Pat Brosseau. This issue sees Wonder Woman chase Janus through Elfhame, where she finds herself having to confront King Gwyn and his faerie underlings. In this realm, Wonder Woman sports a long dress in her signature colors, though made with more natural fabrics and materials. In place of her usual tiara is an antler-shaped one that still bears her signature star. Her dress’ blue skirt also still boasts stars like her traditional one.

The new dress Wonder Woman wears initially seems like it would get in the way of her ability to fight. However, a few considerations have been taken to ensure that she is able to move freely. The dress doesn’t have traditional sleeves, leaving her shoulders bare and her arms unrestricted. In fact, her sleeves aren’t even attached to her dress at all. This allows her to be unencumbered by the limitations of fabric without losing too much of the faerie fashion aesthetic for this world.

It would also seem impractical to force Wonder Woman to be in a standard gown, but this dress has already taken leg movement into consideration. There is a slit that allows her mobility to be largely unrestricted as well. She is also in practical shoes, wearing her usual boots. Her blue overlay may be the most cumbersome aspect of this entire outfit, but thankfully it doesn’t hinder her when she actually needs to go into action – even though it likely would in actual practice. In place of her usual waistband is a feathered corset. These feathers are very natural and keep Wonder Woman’s faerie aesthetic, but their ability to be protective wear isn’t tested within the issue.

This dress also has a thin rope belt that Wonder Woman can attach her usual arsenal to. She is easily able to grab her weapons, maneuver, and attack. Wonder Woman (2017) proved that Diana is capable of fighting in slightly more restrictive garments than this one, though her evening wear also had special considerations made for her fighting style. At first glance, this Renaissance-style faerie outfit seems like it wouldn’t be a good fit for Wonder Woman, but upon closer examination, it doesn’t sacrifice function very much. Wonder Woman can dress the part while traveling in Elfhame without worrying about if her outfit will get in her way.

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