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Valheim Player Builds Shrek’s Swamp Hut

A Valheim player recently took to Reddit to share their impressive build of Shrek’s swamp house, which even includes an outhouse in the back.

One Valheim player recently showcased a look at their recreation of Shrek‘s swamp house; the build even includes an outhouse. Since developer Iron Gate Studio released Valheim in Steam Early Access several months ago, users have accomplished many feats of creativity by putting the survival game’s building mechanics to the test.

Thus far, multiple facets of pop culture have appeared in the title in some form or fashion. Earlier this summer, for instance, someone’s build of Star Wars‘ Millennium Falcon gained traction online. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s High Hrothgar monastery made an appearance, too. One user managed to build their own interpretation of Dark Souls‘ never-before-seen Great Swamp location. And in-game creations should become even more detailed as time goes on, thanks to Iron Gate Studio’s recent rollout of the Hearth and Home update.

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Speaking of homes, a player utilized Valheim’s robust building tools to recreate one of the most iconic houses in modern popular culture – Shrek’s swamp hut. Reddit user WuFungPu shared a few photos of their creation online, showing how the design truly captures the inelegance of the green ogre’s backwoods abode. WuFungPu went above and beyond in many respects, crafting the outside of the house and its interior, along with an outhouse. One image even features a “Beware Ogre” sign crookedly positioned in the ground. It’s a stunning recreation, as depicted in the pictures featured below:

valheim shrek house beware
valheim shrek house inside
valheim shrek house interior

Shrek himself is, of course, no stranger to the interactive medium. In fact, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Shrek game’s release on the original Xbox. Considered an underrated platformer by many, the ogre-starring adventure had quite an impressive creative team behind it, including Battlefield creator DICE and legendary comic book artist and writer Todd McFarlane.

The Valheim build of Shrek’s humble abode seems a neat reminder of the brand’s staying power. Its impact has continued to ripple throughout the last 20 years and ongoing talks of a film reboot suggests Shrek and friends will eventually take the spotlight once more. If so, Valheim will likely become filled with homages to the classic animated film franchise. Perhaps players will even take to recreating structures such as Duloc Castle, especially since the aforementioned Hearth and Home update boasts so many new building features.

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Valheim is available to play now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Source: WuFungPu/Reddit

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