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Two-Face is Asking Batman for Help in the Worst Way

In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, Two-Face asks for Batman’s help to rescue his wife Gilda, but he does it in the worst way possible.

Warning: Spoilers for Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1

DC Comics’ Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, shows Batman and Two-Face teaming up to rescue Two-Face’s wife Gilda who’s just been captured by Calendar Man (aka Julian Day). Despite the longtime tension between Batman and Two-Face, Two-Face needs his help and he asks for it in the worst and most Two-Face-esque way possible. 

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, written by legendary comics creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, is a one-shot comic follow-up to the 1996 13-issue series of the same name. This issue picks up where the story left off over two decades ago. Fans still want to know the answer to the infamous question: Who exactly is the Holiday Killer? According to Loeb, he hinted at the Holiday Killer’s identity in the original series, but apparently, only the most eagle-eyed readers picked up on it. This new issue sees former allies Two-Face and Batman pair up to rescue Two-Face’s beloved wife, Gilda Dent. Two-Face (aka Harvey Dent), descended into madness ever since one of Gotham’s biggest gangsters Sal Maroni threw acid in his face, leaving one-half of his face badly scarred. Two-Face is known for doing things in twos, so even when he (reluctantly) calls for Batman’s help in this issue, his dual persona is ever-present. 


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In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 Gilda Dent and Two-Face are reunited after being apart for some time. Both are deeply devoted to one another despite Two-Face’s half villainous nature. It’s Halloween night and they’re enjoying a romantic dinner together. Their evening, however, is cut short when the doorbell rings. Two-Face grows visibly nervous and wonders who might know of their whereabouts, but Gilda assures him that it’s likely just trick-or-treaters on the hunt for candy. Gilda opens the door to find Calendar Man standing there, he knocks her unconscious and captures her. Two-Face is still in the kitchen, pouring more wine, unaware of what just happened. But, when he realizes his wife is missing he has a hunch that Julian Day is behind it. Recognizing that he’ll need outside help to find his wife, he uses the Bat-signal to summon Batman, but the symbol looks a little different this time. There’s a jagged line down the middle of it and the right-side is missing. So, when the Bat-signal illuminates the night sky, both Batman and Commissioner Gordon immediately make the connection that Two-Face is the one asking for help. 

Batman rushes to Two-Face’s location and finds that half of his Bat-signal has been smashed to bits. Two-Face lives in duality and his devotion to living in twos is striking in these panels. While it’s possible that he shattered part of the Bat-Signal in an attempt to reiterate his current dislike for Batman, it’s also likely that it’s acting as a brief peace offering. This new version of the Bat-signal represents their former allyship, but the jagged line down the middle is a reminder of the rift in their relationship as a result of Batman’s distrust of Harvey Dent ever since his evolution into Two-Face. In order to save his wife, Two-Face has no choice but to ask for Batman’s help and this signal is indicative of a bond between the pair that, although wounded, may not be completely broken.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 brings former-friends-now-enemies, Two-Face and Batman together in an attempt to rescue Gilda. This leaves some hope for fans looking to see a possible reconciliation between the two.

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