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Too Hot To Handle: What Are The Cast Member’s Zodiac Signs?

Zodiac signs can tell a lot about a person. So, which Too Hot To Handle star would you be, based on your sign? Hopefully, someone you relate to!

Many viewers would agree that Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle did make the lockdown period a lot more enjoyable. During this 30 day retreat, some contestants were fortunate enough to find love, but others had to go home alone. Now that Netflix released a second season in June 2021, fans are going back and forth, binging both seasons. Astrology junkies are also doing work on the cast’s zodiacs to see how each person gets along with their potential mate. 

While the contestants were competing in the celibacy challenge, fans couldn’t help but notice their perfectly shaped bodies and stunning abs in their sexy attires. The reunion couldn’t come fast enough for season 1 viewers. 


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Now that season 2 is out, it’s hard not to go back to season 1 to be reminded of the beautiful singletons who showed up to learn more about love while fans dive into their zodiacs. So what are the appropriate Too Hot to Handle zodiac signs?

Kelechi Dyke (Aka Kelz) – Aries

Kelz was born on April 17, making him a perfect Aries. Aries are courageous and love to explore their surroundings. They don’t back down and are open for adventure. He chased that ‘love for adventure’ on the show. He tried his best to resist his temptations and didn’t give in even when his love interest Francesca was all over him in the shower. He was responsible, took initiative, and kept his eye on the final prize. Some could find them uptight and closed off, and maybe this is why he couldn’t find a partner at the end. Luckily, the handsome model did manage to win the cash $7500 at the end.

David Birtwistle – Aries

Just like Kelechi Dyke, David Birtwistle is also an Aries. Born March 22, Birtwistle is bold and determined just as most Aries. He can be emotional, sensitive, and intuitive when it comes to love.

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However, it’s no wonder he cried for his lady-love Rhonda Paul while looking into her eyes. They look for a deep connection that goes beyond physical attraction. When Aries have their eyes on the prize, there’s nothing that can stop them — just like Birtwistle on the show. 

Sharron Townsend – Taurus

Sharron is the epitome of a Taurus. Tauruses are born between April 20 and May 21 and crave stability and dependability. They crave commitment and can come off uneasy when changes occur. Taurus men are mostly attracted to intelligent and strong women. On the show, Sharron—who got played by his ex-girlfriend—had a hard time trusting his new lover Rhonda Paul, who was one of the smartest women on the show. But with good looks and a fondness for loyalty, Sharron is the perfect partner. 

Haley Cureton – Gemini

There’s a reason the sign for Gemini has two faces or heads. Geminis can be personable and extroverted with multiple personalities. Haley Cureton is a classic Gemini with a birthday on June 7th. Geminis are clever and bright but they don’t enjoy traveling around. Staying put is more comfortable. Geminis can also fall in love quickly, then lose interest and fall out quickly. However, they are loyal when they want to be. Viewers did see Haley’s loyalty towards her best friend Francesca when she heckled Harry for lying about the kiss they shared. 

Rhonda Paul – Gemini

Gemini’s are those born between May 21 and June 21. And with a birthday on May 28, Rhonda is at the starting line for Geminis. Just like Haley, Rhonda is a lot of fun and a tad impulsive. Viewers saw the Atlanta-based model working on her relationship with Sharron when he was unable to open up with her. She fought for her man and tried to resolve matters and finally left the show with him as a couple.

Harry Jowsey – Gemini

Geminis don’t internationally try to hurt others’ feelings, but they do tend to be unreliable and flaky. One has to be very patient while having a relationship with them. Most people might say that they are very flirtatious, which is valid to an extent.

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As they are the liveliest and open-minded of all the signs, they do not hesitate to flirt with someone. Gemini men smile a lot, and Harry’s smile is definitely beautiful and infectious. But, once they fall in love, they will admire their partner and take care of their every need.

Bryce Hirschberg – Gemini

There’s another Gemini on this list! Bryce Hirschberg is another Gemini who can be a touch unreliable and bold while also being sensitive, craving intimacy. His first connection with Chloe was truly captivating when he was trying to woo the lady with his artistry. However, Geminis can come across as overly forward in a relationship, which can also turn into jealousy and possessiveness. 

Nicole O’Brien – Libra

Although viewers couldn’t see much of Nicole, she was kind and gentle, exactly how Librans are. They don’t like chaos or mess and are highly attracted to intelligence. When they fall in love, they shower their partner with all the affection and praise they have for them. Interestingly, they are most harmonious with Leo. Too bad, Bryce and Nicole couldn’t work it out even though their zodiac signs are so compatible.

Francesca Farago – Scorpio

This Canadian beauty fits every criterion of a Scorpio. Scorpios are those born between October 23 and November 21. With a birthday on November 19, Francesca is at the end of Scorpio season but one nonetheless. Scorpios can come off as intimidating but they’re wildly misunderstood. Viewers watched the 27-year-old break down in tears when her best friend and partner-in-crime got evicted from the show. This proves that Francesca can be emotional and soft underneath her thick skin.

Matthew Smith (Aka Jesus) – Aquarius

Aquarians have an exciting and unique perspective on life — this screams Matthew Smith (aka Jesus). Smith was born on February 2, proving that his tendency to be a little stubborn and edgy just like an Aquarius. Aquarius tend to be self-reliant and closed off but they can also be loyal and lovable. On To Hot To Handle, he left the show in between because he couldn’t find anyone interesting enough to fall in love. However, Aquarians are passionate lovers once they fall for the right person.

Chloe Veitch – Pisces

Those born between February 19 and March 20 are Pisces. Chloe may act like a Sagittarius at times because of her endless energy but she’s actually a Pisces. Pisces tend to be emotional or sensitive but they’re also hyper-aware of themselves and those around them. The 22-year-old British model was extraordinarily romantic and open about her feelings. Remember how enthusiastic she was when Kori Sampson entered the show? She quickly ended things with the 31-year-old filmmaker to pursue her new crush, which is typical Pisces because Pisces chase what makes them happy.

Kori Sampson – Pisces

Kori is another Pisces on this list. Pisces are dreamers and those who love to give. However, Pisces also have a hard time accepting help when they need it because they’re the ultimate givers. On the show, nobody could foretell that Kori would ask Francesca on a date when Chloe was dressed up as a Barbie for him. For a Pisces man, the best match could be a Taurus woman.

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Too Hot to Handle season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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