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The Wire: 10 Questions We Still Have Years Later

Content warning: The following contains discussions of drug addiction and overdose

Though it was acclaimed in its time, The Wire is a show that has seen its popularity grow in the years since it went off the air. Its honest and grounded look at both sides of the law in Baltimore created complex character fans loved and storylines that never delivered easy answers.

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More than a decade since its final episode aired, fans still discuss the show in great detail. For the plot threads that were never concluded to the storylines that left viewers divided, there is still so much to keep people interested in The Wire all these years later.

Updated on October 16th, 2021 by Colin McCormick: Even in this so-called golden age of television that has delivered the likes of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, The Wire is still regarded as one of the best series of all time. It is also a show that can be revisited again and again, revealing something new each time. But even on multiple viewings, there are aspects of the show that still bewilder and even frustrate audiences, leaving more questions hanging years after the show has gone away.

What Happened To Marlo?

The Wire: Marlo Stanfield looking angry

Though he was only introduced in the third season of The Wire, Marlo Stanfield became the show’s most ruthless villain. At the end of the series, Marlo was released from jail but hit the streets in a scene that viewers are still questioning. What was the meaning of that? Marlo wanted out the game. Did he make it? Viewers see him walk up to two young kids who tried to stab and shoot him only to leave with a flesh wound.

Was Marlo able to see his plan go through and leave the game alone entirely or did he return back to the streets? He still had unfinished business with Michael and at that time, no one had taken the crown from Marlo.

What Happened To Michael?

At the conclusion of The Wire, Michael was shown robbing a business with his own crew. From there, fans took the scene as Michael picking up exactly where Omar Little left off before his death.

Michael’s upbringing was tough, he was on the run from Marlo and his crew, so this new path for him seemed to make sense. But he was still a young kid, so the question remains whether he could really take the place of someone like Omar, or would his time as an outlaw be short-lived?

Will Clay Davis’s Corruption Go Unpunished?

Though a relatively small character in the large ensemble, Clay Davis certainly stood out to fans. Senator Davis was one of the biggest criminals on the show, stealing from taxpayers and even conning dangerous people like Stringer Bell.

The final season seemed to be setting up Davis to finally fall only for him to slip through the cracks and carry on his corrupt political career. The Wire was never about the fairness of the law, but with someone so corrupt, is it just a matter of time before Davis goes down, or is he destined to get away with it all?

What Was The Blackmail Information On Daniels?

Cedric Daniels was one of the best police officers on The Wire even if he wasn’t totally trustworthy at first. Daniels began the series as someone trying to make a career for himself by making the bosses happy, but soon showed he was willing to stand up to them as well.

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However, it was eventually revealed that Daniels had a file that suggested some wrongdoing in his past. It remains a threat hanging over him for many seasons, but the details never really emerge. It is hard to imagine Daniels as a dirty cop, but it is also implied it was something done on behalf of his wife which makes more sense.

What Happened To Nicky Sobotka?

Though the reaction to the second season of The Wire is somewhat split, it does deliver some memorable storylines and characters. One of the season’s biggest roles is Nicky Sobotka who took part in the smuggling on the waterfront but turned into a police informant after his uncle was killed.

Season 2 ends with Nicky entering witness protection after he helped the police make their case. However, he also briefly appears in the final season, shown to still be working in the shipyard. It seems strange for him to still be there after entering Witness Protection and suggests he might have left the program.

Was Templeton Ever Exposed?

Along with the police investigation into Marlo Stanfield, the final season of The Wire looks at Baltimore’s print news world. This includes the character of Scott Templeton, a talented writer who lacks journalistic skills and begins fabricating stories.

While some of Templeton’s colleagues catch on to his deception, the series ends with him being rewarded for his writing and the paper’s bosses refusing to believe he is a fraud. But just like Clay Davis, it seems like only a matter of time before the lies catch up to Templeton, even if the viewers missed seeing him get caught.

Did Bubbles Stay Clean?

Certainly, one of the most likable characters on the show was Bubbles. A drug addict living on the streets, Bubbles went through a lot of hardships throughout the series which made fans sympathize with him all the more.

It was one of the few victories of the series to see Bubbles get clean in the show’s final season and confront his dark past. However, it is also not the first time he had tried to put his drug use behind him. While the show leaves him on a hopeful note, it’s hard not to wonder if he really escaped his past for good.

Did Wee-Bay and Chris Control The Prison?

Wee-Bay and Chris were the enforcers for Avon Barksdale and Marlo Stanfield respectively. While Wee-Bay put in his work, Chris was just a different breed of killer. In Season 2, Wee-Bay took loyalty to another level and accepted the fate that came with that.

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Chris gave that same loyalty to Marlo. While often at odds, the two never had any screentime together. However, in the final monologs of The Wire, the two were seen standing together in the prison yard. Were the writers telling fans something there? A spinoff with these two in prison would have been cool.

Is McNulty Done?

Jimmy McNulty was an ideal protagonist for the show as he represented the morally grey area this world operated in. Though he was a good detective, McNulty had his share of issues that led to his downfall in the final season.

It is fitting that McNulty gets the final line in The Wire as he stares out over his city, contemplating his future. Fans of the likely have very similar thoughts as they are left to wonder what in the world McNulty would do if he cannot be a cop anymore.

Was Hamsterdam The Smart Move?

The Wire: Howard Bunny in a captain hat

Drugs in Baltimore were everywhere and Major Colvin was under heavy surveillance to get it under control. Colvin made a gusty call to direct all drug traffic to a street of the neighborhood which was dubbed Hamsterdam, one of the most controversial storylines on The Wire.

It kept parts of the city safe for a while and also boosted his numbers. But it had its consequences. People overdosed, were robbed, and some died. Colvin paid the price for his risky move, and in the end, whether or not it was the right call is left up to the viewer to decide.

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