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The 10 Funniest Big Brother Players Ever

There are players who go down as the best in Big Brother, some of whom have gone on to become the best Big Brother winners. Then there are players who fans count among the worst, including those who got ejected from the game early on or were simply considered “floaters.” There are villains, jocks, nerds, and plenty of other stereotyped houseguests every season.

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Things can get tense in the Big Brother house, and what houseguests, and fans, really need sometimes is just someone to break the tension and make everyone laugh.

10 Zach Rance (Season 16)

Zach Rance in the diary room on Big Brother, his arms outstretched on either side of the couch, mouth open in mid-sentence.

Zach Rance is among the most popular Big Brother players based on Instagram followers, and for good reason. While he didn’t win the game, and he stirred up conflict while he was in the house, Zach was thoroughly entertaining to watch.

He dressed in bright, bold colors, including his signature sideways, almost-on pink baseball hat. He cracked jokes, came up with hilarious nicknames for other houseguests, enjoyed a fun and friendly showmance with Frankie, and generally made everyone laugh.

9 Rachel Reilly (Season 12, 13)

rachel reilly on big brother

Rachel rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but it’s hard to deny that she was funny. She never did anything in an under-stated way, and while it’s evidenct that some of the other houseguests were laughing at her sometimes, they laughed with her often enough, especially if they were on her side.

Rachel was loud, would purposely try to irritate other people such as her nemesis, Ragan, and she never let her true feelings go unspoken. But she also loved a good laugh, and the way houseguests rolled their eyes at her or the things she said was downright hilarious.

8 Renny Martyn (Season 10)

Renny is among the oldest houseguests ever on Big Brother, and she brought the charm and the fun. While players didn’t like her at first, she began to grow on some of them as they saw how funny and charming she could be.

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Her rivalry with Jessie Godderz was one of the highlights of the season, along with her diary room sessions complaining about everyone in the house and what it was like there. It’s no surprise she was among the funniest since she dubbed herself a party girl and dressed to impress with loud clothing and wigs.

7 Eric Stein (Season 8)

Fans forget how great Eric was at the game. So much so, in fact, that he remains one of the best Big Brother players who never won. Much of the humor came from him being chosen as America’s Player, a secret role in which he had to complete ridiculous tasks according to viewers’ whims, without anyone else in the house knowing what he was up to.

While Eric did achieve his goals and went home with a hefty sum, a few of the moves that went against his alliance likely cost Eric the game. But while he was there, both during the time he was accomplishing goofy missions and when he was just being his sarcastic self, Eric was hilarious.

6 Enzo Palumbo (Season 12, 22)

Enzo from Big Brother wearing sunglasses and a hoodie.

The fact that Enzo came into the house with the nickname “Meow Meow” was hilarious in and of itself, and indicative of the fact that he would be a joy to watch. Indeed he was, making other houseguests laugh with his comments and viewpoints on various subjects.

When he had to wear a penguin costume as part of a punishment, one of the best Big Brother costumes and unitards, he took it in stride despite some of the other houseguests believing he might not be so receptive to it. Enzo found himself with the dominant alliance both times he played and was often a source of laughter for everyone.

5 Jeff Schroeder (Season 11, 13)

Jeff wasn’t so much intentionally funny as he was adorable, which is why he was named America’s Favorite Houseguest both times he played. What fans loved about him was his innocent nature and his nice-guy persona. He simply wanted to have fun (and try to win). Jeff played hard and got into the odd argument here and there, but he was, for the most part, someone who made everyone feel good.

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Jeff’s shining moment, however, was when he proudly spelled “technotronics” during a spelling challenge, unaware that it wasn’t an actual word (or perhaps simply hoping it might be one). Even though he was laughed at for the mistake and it became a running joke, he was a good sport and laughed along with everyone else.

4 Britney Haynes (Season 12, 14)

Britney from Big Brother in a diary room session, looking annoyed.

Britney has some of the most memorable quotes from Big Brother and was the best when it came to diary room confessionals. She struck a chord with viewers thanks to her witty and dry sense of humor and her excellence at sarcasm.

Any time Britney jumped into the diary room, fans knew it was going to be comedy gold. She said what everyone was thinking. Meanwhile, the scene in which she pranced around Rachel’s HoH room wearing a wig and pretending to be Rachel had everyone in stitches.

3 Dick Donato (Season 8, 13)

Dick Donato clapping in Big Brother

While “Evel” Dick Donato is one of the Big Brother villains who fans loved to hate, he was also pretty funny. He was so over-the-top with his methods, particularly his rivalry with Jennifer, that it was difficult not to find him amusing.

Dick had a surly attitude and expressed great dislike for most people in the house. But there’s no denying Dick’s presence is what made Big Brother 8 so entertaining. He was the resident bad boy who did what he wanted and had fun doing it. And evidently, none of his bad behavior hurt his game, because he won the season.

2 James Huling (Season 17, 18)

The resident practical joker in the house both times he played, James provided plenty of comic relief for all of the houseguests. He would hide in small spaces and around corners, jumping out to scare people. He did plenty of other things in the house to frighten or trick people too, such as fashioning foil into a hook so he could wake people from a distance. His best prank was wearing an identical outfit to Clay and following him around the house, doing everything Clay did.

James was also among the first to completely destroy the house during the Hide and Go Veto challenge, purposely knocking over cereal boxes, emptying drawers, and turning over mattresses so everyone had to clean it up after. Along with being one of the funniest houseguests, James is also one of the best BIPOC players from Big Brother.

1 Donny Thompson (Season 16)

Donnt Thompson siling at the camera in Big Brother

It’s no surprise that Donny was a fan favorite on Big Brother, even winning America’s Favorite Houseguest. The resident underdog, he still managed to win competitions and was part of a dominant alliance until his allies turned against him.

His Southern charm, wit, and simple nature made him lovable and fun to be around. But Donny was also one of the most genuine people to play the game. His signature camouflage shirt and visor made him stand out on a season with other big personalities. Everyone loved him and his odd sense of humor.

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