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SNL Promises Ted Lasso Puns In New Episode Hosted By Jason Sudeikis

Saturday Night Live shares a new promo promising its upcoming episode hosted by Jason Sudeikis will have “the most” Ted Lasso puns.

Saturday Night Live promises its upcoming episode hosted by Jason Sudeikis will have “the most” Ted Lasso puns. After finding surprising success on Apple TV+ last year, the Sudeikis-led feel-good-sports comedy has become one of the most popular television shows in the world; resulting in a plethora of Emmy wins including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Sudeikis. Ted Lasso also stars Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brendan Hunt, Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Nick Mohammed, and Sarah Niles.

Ted Lasso follows Sudeikis as the eponymous American football coach who is hired to coach a premier soccer team, AFC Richmond, in England, despite having no experience or knowledge of the sport. The character and, in turn, series, originated from a series of commercials for NBC Sports in 2013. Development for the show began in 2019 when Apple gave the project a direct-to-series order with Sudeikis starring, producing, and co-developing. Ted Lasso season 2, which debuted its finale earlier this month, has proven as hilarious and heartwarming as season 1. Although many now associate Sudeikis with an overly-optimistic mustache, it’s important to remember how the actor’s career began: as a writer and cast member for eight years on SNL (2005-2013).

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SNL recently shared a promo ahead of this weekend’s new episode, which will be hosted by Sudeikis with musical guest Brandi Carlile. The clip teases at least a few Ted Lasso puns, no sketches featuring “Bread Lasso,” and, if they do things right, they might learn a little something about themselves along the way…or not. Check it out below:

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Given the overwhelming popularity of Ted Lasso, it makes sense that Sudeikis would host SNL sooner rather than later. During his tenure at SNL, Sudeikis played some truly incredible, yet underrated characters—from Joe Biden, Judge Marshall T. Boudreaux, and A-Hole to The Devil. Whether any of those characters return remains to be seen. However, given the above promo, it seems certain Ted Lasso will be getting a parody this weekend.

Sudeikis’ return to Saturday Night Live marks his hosting debut at arguably the height of his career, starring in the pop-culture phenomenon. Ted Lasso’s fictional AFC Richmond’s real-life English Premier League system even has a licensing deal with the Apple TV+ series. Season 3 has indeed been the streamer, the show’s creators, and, as of now, is set to be Ted Lasso’s last 12-episode outing. Regardless, it’ll be all sorts of nostalgic seeing Sudeikis on SNL sporting a mustache and saying “heck.”

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