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Shang-Chi Cosplayer Perfectly Recreates The Ten Rings

Cosplayer Greg Enriquez created a perfect replica of the Ten Rings from Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings using EVA foam and glow sticks.

A cosplayer on Reddit created a perfect replica of the Ten Rings from Marvel’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings. The Ten Rings are a mystical weapon used in Shang-Chi by Tony Leung’s Xu Wenwu, the titular character’s father. Since the movie’s release, the incredibly colorful and detailed costumes have inspired several cosplays of its distinct character designs.

Cosplayer Greg Enriquez (PropWay) is a mechanical engineer who specializes in making superhero props. He’s made a variety of props like Loki’s scepter, Sub-Zero’s mask, and even an entire Iron Man suit. He shares these creations mainly on his Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok page (all under the name @propway) and on his Reddit u/genriquez07. His YouTube channel especially focuses on tutorials for his props, many of which are functional. 

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Enriquez’s latest creation is a replica of the Ten Rings, which he shared with the r/MarvelStudios Subreddit. The Ten Rings are made mostly out of EVA foam and feature a strip of clear plastic with a glow stick inside to give them their distinctive blue glow. Enriquez had previously made the staff that Shang-Chi fights with in the movie and stated he received several requests on the tutorial video to create the Ten Rings next. In his Ten Rings tutorial video, Enriquez displays the rings with an orange glow stick to give them their alternate look from the ending of Shang-Chi. In regards to the fitted appearance, Enriquez reveals the smaller rings that didn’t fit around his arm were separated at two ends and joined together with a magnet for easy wear.

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In Shang-Chi, the Ten Rings begin as the primary weapon of Wenwu, but by the end of the film, they switch allegiance to Shang-Chi. In one of Shang-Chi‘s credits scenes, more is revealed about the Ten Rings as it’s discovered the rings have been sending out a signal to some unknown point in the universe. It’s clear from this alone that the Ten Rings will have a bigger part to play in the MCU, and as more than just Shang-Chi’s new toys. Still, as his now signature weapon, the Ten Rings are set to become popular new accessories for Marvel fans, not unlike Mjolnir or Cap’s shield.

Enriquez’s Ten Rings are simple in their crafting and use few materials, yet it’s that same simplicity that makes this recreation so effective. The markings on the rings are randomly drawn but look incredibly similar to the ones from the movie. What’s most impressive is Enriquez’s decision to use glow sticks rather than LED lights for a cheap and more realistic-looking light effect. You can see more of PropWay’s content on his Instagram (@propway) and corresponding tutorials on his YouTube (PropWay).

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Source: Greg Enriquez/Reddit

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