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Power Rangers’ Original Red Ranger Accused of Abusing His Power

The Red Omega Power Ranger has been challenged to fight evil, alternate-dimension version of the Green Power Ranger for his freedom.

The Red Omega Power Ranger has been challenged to fight evil, alternate-dimension version of the Green Power Ranger for his freedom. In Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers #9, Lord Drakkon – an alternate-universe Tommy Oliver, better known as the Green Ranger – has challenged Jason Scott Lee for his freedom, encouraging him to turn to the dark side, as it were.

Power Rangers #9, written by Ryan Parrott with art by Francesco Mortarino and Moises Hidalgo, has seen the Rangers through their fair share of trouble. The Rangers have faced many alien threats before, but they have never faced one quite like the Empyreals, harbingers of Dark Specter who have already destroyed two planets, despite the Rangers’ best efforts.  The Rangers are running out of options and have kidnapped Drakkon and, in doing so, have learned that he’s both a help and a hindrance to their plans. Drakkon has offered some good advice – encouraging Trini to contact the Yellow Emissary (who may be powerful enough to stave off the threat of the Empyreals) and assisting Rangers in fighting off space vampires which invaded their ship – but, at the end of the day, he’s still a villain and tempts Jason Lee Scott in a way that only he could.

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Jason finds Drakkon after he has wandered into the Vault, where the Rangers’ most dangerous foes are kept imprisoned. After a brief conversation – during which Drakkon implies he might be let go after the Empyreals are defeated – Drakkon hits the leader of the Rangers, the Red Ranger, with an unexpected taunt: that Jason is not the hero he thinks he is. “We both know this whole ‘hero game’ of yours is just an excuse. You wanna hurt people, but you don’t wanna feel bad about it. So, you found a positive way to unleash all that aggression. I’m not judging. It’s smart.” The hero is caught off-guard by this and, while Jason’s response is never revealed, it does raise the question of just how well Drakkon knows this universe’s version of Jason.

The rivalry between Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver has been a major part of the Power Rangers mythos, but it is important to keep in mind that Drakkon isn’t really Tommy Oliver, at least in the typical sense. This is an alternate-universe version of the familiar Green Power Ranger, one who has been overtaken by evil. Still, the appearance of the tension between the two characters makes the exchange all too familiar for Power Rangers fans. Drakkon’s accusation that Jason is using his position on the Rangers to vent his personal frustrations physically and still get off scott-free certainly sounds villainous, but could also serve as Drakkon trying to insert himself onto the team in the role of the hero. Whether Drakkon will be able to fight for his freedom has yet to be seen, it is unclear whether this villain will return to Zardon’s grasp – or emerge as an unexpected part of the Power Rangers team.

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