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Pokémon Center Ditto & Snorlax Bean Bags Look Big, Comfy, & Expensive

A Pokémon X Yogibo Bean Bag collection for North America has been announced, with bean bags based on Ditto and Snorlax shipping in September.

The Pokémon X Yogibo Bean Bag collection has officially been announced, with huge Ditto and Snorlax bean bags launching in September. There has been a lot of curious Pokémon merchandise released over the years, ranging from Metapod sleeping bags to massive Furret plushies that are as long as an adult human.

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Yogibo is a company that specializes in bean bag furniture, including chairs and cushions. The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Yogibo for Pokémon bean bags that will be exclusive to North America. The bean bags are based on Ditto and Snorlax, which are probably the two most suitable Pokémon for the job. The bean bags will cost $199 and they’re set to be released on September 1, 2021. The Ditto and Snorlax bean bags are machine washable and conform to the shape of the user’s body. Those looking to purchase the bean bags will have to do so through the Pokémon Center website.

Pokémon fans in Europe and North America have had to stare in jealousy at the cool merchandise that is released in Japan (like the Pokémon Ditto sofa), as much of it cannot be purchased without steep shipping fees. The Pokémon X Yogibo collection gives North American fans the chance to own a massive Ditto or Snorlax bean bag for their home, and use them as their prime gaming chair if they so choose.

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The Pokémon X Yogibo bean bags will be released on September 1, 2021.

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