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Marvel’s Avengers: 7 Most Anticipated Upcoming DLC Drops (So Far)

Despite a less than stellar launch, Marvel’s Avengers kept going thanks to its loyal fanbase. With the release of both Kate Bishop and Hawkeye stories along with Cosmic Cube and Red Room Takeover events, the game has made quite the comeback. Though far from perfect, Marvel’s Avengers now feels closer to how it should have launched.

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The content does not seem to stop either as DLC for Marvel’s Avengers continues throughout 2021’s Summer and beyond. With a clear look at what to expect, fans are excited for the future of Marvel’s Avengers as it adds more and more content for fans to enjoy.

Updated on June 26th, 2021 by Melody MacReady: Originally, this list featured DLC and events in Marvel’s Avengers that have already occurred. This includes the post-Level 50 hero progression which came in the form of Champion levels. There was the Black Widow-centric event known as the Red Room Takeover and most recently, the Cosmic Cube event; this had Earth’s Mightiest Heroes finally take on Monica AKA Scientist Supreme face to face after all the problems she has caused. Does this mean that Marvel’s Avengers is done? Absolutely not, because more events and DLC for the game are still on the way to provide fans a blast of a superhero adventure.

7 Omega-Level Threats

Super Adaptoid Defending Time Bridge - Marvel's Avengers

For those that felt that Marvel’s Avengers was too easy, Omega-Level Threats are on the way; these are gauntlets that will put players to the test. Two Omega-Level missions were announced: one called Resolution which features an amped-up fight against the Super Adaptoid from Kate Bishop’s story.

The other being the famous Cloning Labs that have been promised for months. Cloning Labs will have the players fighting four Abomination clones. These missions guarantee unique gear and rewards. Currently, there is no confirmed month but it is nice to know they are coming.

6 Wasteland Patrol

Hawkeye Roaming The Wasteland - Marvel's Avengers

In a massive breath of fresh air, the Hawkeye DLC introduced the Future Wasteland biome. The post-apocalypse world of Marvel’s Avengers provided some much-needed change from the constant deserts, cities, and forests.

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Later in the Summer, Wasteland Patrol will be introduced. Patrols will be a new game mode that will finally allow players to explore an open world without set goals. Randomized boss fights will be introduced in this game mode. Hopefully, this will lead to more patrols in other biomes to make Marvel’s Avengers more fun to explore.

5 More Marvel Cinematic Universe Skins

Captain America In Both Game And Movie - Marvel's Avengers

From the very start, fans have wanted skins for the many Avengers based on the movies. While there are some that come close, there are still those that want direct inspiration. This is why fans were happy when Marvel’s Avengers DLC introduced skins based on Avengers: Endgame.

However, there are still plenty of Chris Evans’ Captain America suits to choose from or Scarlett Johansson’s new white suit for Black Widow will be pleased. This will also work for more promotion for future characters that may coincide with releases of movies such as Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel.

4 Gear Improvements

The Avengers In Their Stark Tech Suits - Marvel's Avengers

Not much was detailed about this other than it is gear that fans will want to pursue. Many are hoping that this fixes what has been Marvel’s Avengers‘ biggest problem from even before launch: the gear is broken. Not only is the gear progression so basic that it’s boring to deal with but there are no cosmetics.

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To be fair, Marvel’s Avengers operates off a skin system which is fine but games like Mortal Kombat 11 prove that a game can have skins as well as customizable gear. With this improvement, perhaps players might be able to change the look of Hawkeye’s bow or Captain America’s shield and have a more complex stat system that requires more thought.

3 Spider-Man

Spider-Man Teaser Logo - Marvel's Avengers

One of the biggest announcements that have had fans excited for months was that Spider-Man will be an exclusive DLC character for PlayStation owners. All that is known about this Spider-Man is that he is not the same Spider-Man from the Insomniac games but a unique one for Crystal Dynamics’ new universe.

Currently, Spider-Man is being worked on but he has no current timeframe for his release other than 2021. Those that own a PS4 or PS5 are likely going to making a large return to the game when he drops.

2 Black Panther: War For Wakanda

Black Panther readying himself to fight Klaw in Marvel's Avengers

This will easily be the biggest Marvel’s Avengers DLC thus far. Black Panther, voiced by Kratos himself Christopher Judge, will be added as a playable character with new skins for pre-existing heroes. Characters’ Power Levels will also be increased to over one-hundred-fifty.

There will be a new Wakanda biome and a new faction of enemies that will finally give players a break from AIM. Klaw will be the villain of this DLC and a new outpost will be added. The trailer for War For Wakanda promises a large story with many iconic moments for Black Panther, much like the other Avengers. Currently, War For Wakanda is slated for an August release.

1 Leaked Characters

She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and War Machine artwork

During a time when Crystal Dynamics were as silent as possible about Marvel’s Avengers DLC, the only information fans got was from leaks. One of these leaks featured a roster of characters that, so far, have been correct with Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and now Black Panther. According to that list, the next character after Black Panther is She-Hulk.

Then it goes on to list Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, War Machine with leaked concept art, Doctor Strange, Quake, and much more. Of course, some of these characters might not be added due to Marvel’s Avengers still suffering from its poor launch. However, if there is anything fans have been praising from the start, it is the many unique Avengers characters.

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