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Marvel Just Paid Off One Of Its Coolest Loki Easter Eggs

In Marvel’s What If…? a variant of Loki is seen partying with Thor on Earth who was first featured as one of several Easter eggs in Marvel’s Loki.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s What If…? episode 7, “What If…Thor Were An Only Child?”

Marvel’s What If…? just paid off a pretty cool Easter egg from the MCU’s Loki series. In the seventh episode of the animated series on Disney+, an alternate MCU timeline is revealed where Thor was an only child, never having had the God of Mischief, Loki, as his brother to challenge him as they grew up. As a result, the God of Thunder has become Party Thor, bringing his friends to Earth to throw a massive global bash that throws the world in chaos. However, this alternate timeline still has its own version of Loki who grew up without Thor, and it’s possible that he was one of the variants briefly seen by God of Mischief while working at the TVA in Marvel’s Loki.

In Marvel’s What If…? episode 7, it’s revealed that instead of adopting Loki after finding him alone on the Frost Giant’s world of Jotunheim, Odin returned Loki to the Frost Giant King Laufey, leaving him to be raised by his own kind. This resulted in his own son Thor growing up as an only child, making the God of Thunder much more unruly and rambunctious, eventually becoming the self-proclaimed Party Prince. However, the episode also reveals that he and Loki are best friends, ironically calling themselves “brothers from another mother” (which is what they literally are in the primary MCU). However, it’s very likely that this Frost Giant version of Loki was already seen in Marvel’s Loki series.

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In Loki episode 2, the primary Loki variant working with Agent Mobius and the TVA is about to go on his first mission to find a rogue Loki variant that’s been killing TVA agents. However, before they venture out, Mobius preps the team on who they’re looking for, explaining how Lokis work and how they must be on their guard around these trickster variants. During his pre-mission talk, he shows several holographic Loki variants they’ve cataloged. One variant, in particular, is a Loki with blue skin, and it’s possible that this Frost Giant Loki could be the same one featured in Marvel’s What If…?, albeit fully realized in the new animated series.


Beyond the tie to the Loki series, What If…?‘s Frost Giant Loki is cool to see as it redeems Odin’s lie about Loki’s true Frost Giant parentage. Furthermore, because Loki’s Frost Giant variant was no more than a simple Easter egg, it’s fun to see What If…?’s Frost Giant Loki doing more and interacting with Thor as best buds, confirming that they still would have had a kinship in this alternate timeline, and seemingly without the long-term sibling rivalry they had prior in the main MCU.

While the variant Frost Giant Loki teased by the TVA and the one partying with Thor could very well be two different Lokis, Marvel’s What If…?‘s version still pays off the Loki Easter egg, providing more background and detail as they likely had similar upbringings on Jotunheim. Furthermore, it seemingly confirms for both of them that Odin telling the truth and/or leaving Loki to live with the Frost Giants would have been best for the God of Mischief, though perhaps not the best for the God of Thunder as evidenced by this new MCU timeline.

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Marvel’s What If…? releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+

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