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Love After Lockup: Rachel Confirms Dougie Still Lives With Her

Rachel gave Love After Lockup fans an update on Dougie’s living situation after her breakup with his father Doug following his recent arrest.

Rachel gave Love After Lockup fans an update on Dougie’s living situation amid his father’s recent arrest. With Doug’s new felony charges coming amid the season finale and his breakup with Rachel, viewers have been wondering if she still has custody of Doug’s son. The finale showed that Doug and Dougie moved out of Rachel’s home and returned to Kalamazoo. But with Doug being back behind bars facing serious time, many are hopeful that Dougie will be able to stay with Rachel.

Doug had everything waiting for him upon his prison release. After marrying Rachel just eight months ahead of his release, Rachel didn’t mind adopting Doug’s 12-year-old son Dougie and raising him as her own ahead of Doug’s release. The bond Rachel and Dougie built while Doug was away was clear. Dougie took to Rachel and sought comfort from her when his father and aunt got into a nasty fight in front of everyone. Viewers could see the hostile environment Dougie would be subjected to outside of Rachel’s care. So, when Rachel and Doug split up by the finale, viewers expressed their concerns for little Dougie.

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Ahead of the finale, Doug was arrested in Kalamazoo for his involvement in a drug sting. Among the suspects arrested, Doug allegedly attempted to flee on a motorcycle but crashed into a cop car. Between the drugs and weapons cops seized and Doug resisting arrest, the parolee is now facing serious time once again. Show fans were so concerned about his son Dougie that one person reached out to Rachel on social media and asked if she still has Dougie. A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the message Rachel sent confirming that Dougie is still in her care. After the fan asked, “Do you still have him?,” Rachel responded, “Yes I have him.”

Rachel Love After Lockup

Viewers praised Rachel for continuing to maintain a guardian role with Dougie despite how poorly his father treated her. The two parted ways after Rachel caught wind of Doug carrying on a secret relationship with another woman. During the finale, Doug admitted that he rekindled an old romance with an ex and decided to move on with her despite being legally married to Rachel. Cameras showed Rachel having a complete breakdown over Doug’s betrayal and throwing her wedding ring outside. In the end, Doug moved out and took Dougie with him. But according to Rachel, Dougie is still in her care.

With Rachel adopting Dougie ahead of Doug’s prison release and still being legally married to Doug, she possibly has the right to taking care of Dougie. It’s also possible that Dougie would rather live with Rachel than with his family in Kalamazoo. Doug’s family didn’t shy away from sharing their family drama on the show. Their rowdy behavior brought Dougie to tears and Rachel was the only one who consoled the emotional child. Now, Love After Lockup fans can rest assured that Rachel and Dougie are still living together as a family.

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