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League of Legends Champion Roadmap Updated, Udyr Rework Design Shown

The latest League of Legends champion roadmap gave players a look into the upcoming champion releases and the upcoming Udyr champion rework.

Riot Games released the latest League of Legends champion roadmap, which gives insight into all the upcoming new and reworked champions coming to the game. Ahead of the upcoming League of Legends World Championship and the end of the current League of Legends season, the focus shifts to League of Legends Season 12. With the preseason already on the horizon, Riot begins to gear up for the new features and champions that the new season will bring.

Among the features announced for the League of Legends preseason are updates to the game’s items, the neutral dragon buffs, and a brand new Challenges feature that will expand the ways players can progress in their games. The new season will also bring brand new champions and champion reworks to League of Legends. Although the game already boasts a hefty roster of over 150 champions, each new season tends to introduce several brand new characters to League of Legends. It appears that Season 12 will be no exception.

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In a recent update, League of Legends revealed the upcoming champion roadmap, which details the next few champions that will be released to the game. While there was no firm information given such as the upcoming champion names or abilities, Riot did tease the League of Legends players with a hit at the roles and themes of the next few champions. The first new champion, to be released in early 2022, will be an AD Carry, likely suited for the bottom or middle lanes. The upcoming champion appears to have an electric or lightning theme and is teased to bring a more unique auto-attack concept to League of Legends. A few patches after that, Riot will release a brand new support, who appears to have a charismatic or wish-fulfilling theme.

League of Legends Champion Roadmap

Most League of Legends players, however, will be focused on the upcoming Udyr rework. Teased earlier in 2021, Riot gave players a sneak peek at his redesigned visuals, new abilities, and even gave a bit of background on how the update would affect his lore. The rework comes with a ton of new artwork for Udyr, and is part of Riot’s new focus to improve the artwork and character models of older champions.

All in all, there is a lot of new information about the upcoming Season 12 champion releases and reworks for fans of the series to get excited about. Even though new champions won’t come out until next year, and there’s still no firm timetable for the Udyr rework, League of Legends fans have plenty to look forward to.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

Source: League of Legends

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