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Jordan Fisher Interview: Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions’ Jordan Fisher discusses the joy of joining the iconic sci-fi franchise, who he feels his character closely resembles, and more.

Star Wars: Visions finds the iconic sci-fi franchise exploring the world of anime with nine short films produced by some of the biggest Japanese animation studios, all of which are loosely connected or completely separate from the main canon. One such story, entitled “The Elder,” centers on young Jedi Dan and his master Tajin as they venture to a planet on the Outer Rim to investigate a disturbance in the Force, with the English cast including Jordan Fisher, David Harbour, and James Hong.

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Screen Rant spoke with Jordan Fisher to discuss his work in Star Wars: Visions, his long love of the franchise, and who he closely identifies his character with.

Screen Rant: Star Wars: Visions is a project that I loved when I first heard about it and your short film specifically feels so in tune with the films themselves while also unique. What was it like for you first coming across this project and the short film that you’re a part of?

Jordan Fisher: First of all, to answer quickly, when I got the call I thought it was a fake [laughs]. I thought I was being Punk’d, I thought that my team was just having fun with me. They know me very well, that I’m an anime fan like die-hard and they know that I’ve loved Star Wars both canon and not canon. Like [I’ve loved] everything Star Wars my entire life so they knew the answer was gonna be. They were like, “Hey, you want to voice an anime character for a new Star Wars anthology for Disney+,” I was like, “Okay, yes, I would. Yes, please. ” I freaked out, I freaked out [laughs].

What I love about “The Elder” so much is honestly it’s kind of like if — the war on the Trade Federation [was] happening and instead of looking at what Qui-Gon [Jinn] and Obi-Wan [Kenobi] were up to, it’s kind of that. That’s at least where it feels it kind of takes place, in terms of its legitimacy and how in tune it feels with everything and that’s an exciting thought process for me because I could then build-out, in my head, kind of what happens after that and it’d be cool to see, you know what I mean?

Since your character, personality-wise, is very much like Anakin in a sense of eager to action, what was that like for you sort of finding the uniqueness of your character in addition to drawing from so many iconic characters of this franchise’s past?

Jordan Fisher: Honestly, the relationship kind of feels very Obi and Qui-Gon to me. Dan feels less like Anakin, in my opinion, it feels a little more like a young Obi-Wan. You know, someone that’s very balanced in both their skills in the Force as well as their swordsmanship and their nurture, their yearning to take care of people and to protect first. Protection is everything, of course, he wants to get in on some action, obviously, because that’s what’s so exciting about being a Jedi and this kid wants to do that.

He knows that he has a knack for it, knows that he kind of excels at it, and is on a mission that he probably isn’t ready for but is capable of holding his own and with a master that’s so powerful like that, to me, is a dichotomy and a relationship that is a really cool one to break down. To be able to do that with, like you said, a completely unique set of characters and a different part of the Outer Rim, it’s exciting as a fan because I’m a fan first. I’m an anime fan first, I’m a Star Wars fan first, before I am an actor, before I am a part of this project. So it was really, really fun to explore.

The Elder in Star Wars Visions

Since that relationship is so important between the two characters, I know that a lot of this was done in lockdown remotely but did you and David Harbour get the chance to interact at all prior to recording?

Jordan Fisher: David and I met, I don’t even know that he would remember this, but we met, however, many years ago when I was working on Hamilton. God, that would have been 2016, I think. He came to see Hamilton and he came backstage afterward and we chatted for like 20 minutes, half an hour just kind of about life and everything. I was thrilled to see his name, because I didn’t even know that he was going to be voicing the master before we started working on it, and it was just so cool. I love him, I was actually just talking about Black Widow a second ago and my love for him and as an actor. He’s a smart guy and makes great choices and I can hear his wisdom in his voice in this project.

There have been hopes from both fans and the people behind this of getting a second season and maybe continuing some of these story arcs. You even said a minute ago how you’re already kind of thinking about building out the character past this one episode. If a second season were to happen, would you come back, would you want to see it explored further in print versus show? What do you think?

Jordan Fisher: I would love to see everything explode. I mean, that’s the beauty of Star Wars. There’s too much to tap into. We will never tap into the entire world of Star Wars, we just won’t, we won’t in our lifetime experience its complexity in all of its timelines. We just won’t, hopefully, if Lucasfilm continues to do what they’re doing and the ranch stays active, I think we’re going to be in good shape.

Then again, just as a fan and a consumer, much like you, I would love to see a second season, I don’t know what their plans are. I can almost guarantee you that every other actor in the English dub casts for all of these different projects would be thrilled to expand as well. But I can’t speak for everybody, of course, but it would be fun to see, it’d be fun to see live-action, it’d be fun to see more anime or print.

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Star Wars: Visions is now streaming on Disney+.

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