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James McAvoy Reveals the Two Movie Characters He Wants to Play Again

Exclusive: James McAvoy, known for portraying characters like Charles Xavier in X-Men, sheds light on other characters he’d like to revisit.

In a recent interview, James McAvoy opened up about the characters from his career that he’d like to revisit. McAvoy started acting in the ’90s, but his career began to take off in the 2000s. Early roles included HBO’s Band of Brothers and the original British version of Shameless. In 2005, McAvoy gained some attention as Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The following year, he appeared alongside Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland. Whitaker earned a Best Actor Oscar for his role, but McAvoy also found himself nominated for several awards.

In 2007, McAvoy appeared in Joe Wright’s multi-award-winning film Atonement. He then took on an over-the-top action spectacle with Wanted, followed by a turn as the young Charles Xavier in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, which he played through four feature films. McAvoy kept making unique and exciting choices during that time, appearing as someone with multiple personalities in 2016’s Split and taking on Danny Boyle’s trippy film Trance. More recently, he appeared in It Chapter 2 and the His Dark Materials TV show. However, with so many significant roles to choose from, the ones McAvoy wants to revisit might not be his most well-known.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, McAvoy was asked about the characters he would want to play again. He was quick to mention two characters, Bruce Robertson from Filth and Wesley Gibson from Wanted. Given McAvoy’s resume, those might not be the characters some were expecting, but it’s also interesting that both those characters are dark. However, that may well be the reason McAvoy wants to play them again. Check out McAvoy’s comments from Screen Rant‘s exclusive interview below:

“I loved Bruce Robertson in Filth, but I feel like I exorcized him out of me a little bit. I don’t know if I needed to revisit him, but I don’t know, maybe I would. I always fancied seeing what happened to Wesley Gibson in the movie, Wanted.”

The first character McAvoy mentioned was Bruce from 2013’s Filth. Bruce was a bipolar, corrupt, drug-addicted cop who sought to win his family back by manipulating his way into a promotion. Most critics agreed that Filth lived up to its title in that it was a grimy film that was often unpleasant to watch, and that sentiment was present no matter what side of the middling reviews the critics came down on. While the film may not have been a massive success, the character of Bruce is rife with idiosyncrasies that most any actor would love to dabble in.

The next role McAvoy mentioned is much more recognizable to his fans, that being Wesley from 2008’s Wanted. Wesley was a lowly office worker suffering from anxiety problems. He quickly learns that he is the son of a skilled assassin, and his anxiety attacks are merely repressed superhuman abilities trying to work their way to the surface. Wanted was based on a comic of the same name, and though the content was toned way down for the film, it still serves as a unique character in a dark and gritty world. A sequel to Wanted has even been talked about for years, but nothing has materialized.

At this juncture, McAvoy continues to make exciting choices, voicing Dream in a Sandman podcast adaptation, and even voicing a character in the video game Twelve Minutes. Whether or not he gets to revisit the characters he mentioned remains to be seen. However, McAvoy shows no signs of stopping, and he’s sure to keep making distinctive choices in his career.

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