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How Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 9 Can Fit Into the Series

With its ninth installment, “Jojolands,” on the horizon, fans are asking where Hirohiko Araki’s manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will head next.

Following the conclusion of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 8 in August, series creator Hirohiko Araki announced he would be taking a brief, three-month break before beginning part 9, currently known as “Jojolands.” With those three months nearly up, what can fans expect in this newest chapter of the cult series?

Each part of Jojo has had a fairly different form of continuation. The second part, “Battle Tendency,” followed on from the first by skipping ahead to original protagonist Jonathan Joestar’s grandson, Joseph. Part 3, “Stardust Crusaders,” similarly skips forward to Joseph’s grandson, Jotaro, but Joseph was still alive and continued to play a large part in the story. The same was true of part 4, “Diamond is Unbreakable,” as Jotaro assists his newfound relative Josuke, although that only moved forward by about 10 years. Part 5, “Golden Wind,” is the most isolated, despite taking place at roughly the same time as “Diamond is Unbreakable,” as it’s set in Italy as opposed to Japan. Part 6, “Stone Ocean,” follows Jotaro’s daughter Jolyne, and picks up on plot threads left open since “Stardust Crusaders.” Part 7, “Steel Ball Run,” represented a reboot of sorts, going back to the late 1800s with an alternate take on Jonathan, known as Johnny. Finally, part 8, “Jojolion,” is set in the same universe as “Steel Ball Run” but in 2011, following the real-life Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

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For now, there’s every indication that “Jojolands” will also be set in the “Steel Ball Run” universe. The ending of “Jojolion” suggests that the Locacaca fruit, a miraculous substance which drove the plot of part 8, may still exist somewhere out in the Pacific, on some small island that no living person knows the location of. It seems quite possible, if not likely, that the eponymous “Jojolands” refers to these islands, and that the plot of the arc may revolve around locating the fruit and preventing it from falling into the hands of the Rock Humans, a dangerous threat which hasn’t been entirely dealt with by the end of “Jojolion.” In addition to fending off the Rock Humans, the fruit may also be useful in helping to treat Holly Joestar-Kujo, who had suffered from their experiments.


This draws some nice parallels with “Stardust Crusaders,” which also began as a quest to save the alternate Holly Kujo. It similarly suggests that “Jojolands” may have a smaller time skip, more like that between parts 4 and 5, allowing the Josuke of “Jojolion” to take part in the story as a supporting protagonist in the same way that Jotaro did for part 4’s Josuke. A quest that required traversing the ocean between islands would also provide a fairly novel setting for Jojo, as only a few chapters (most notably in parts 1 and 3) have been set aboard ships so far.

While the first chapter of “Jojolands” is unlikely to answer all these questions, it will at least introduce the latest Jojo and his crazy new Stand, and provide a clearer idea of where the story will be picking back up. Fans don’t have much longer to wait, as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure should be back on shelves by late November 2021.

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