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God of War PC vs. PS5 Graphics Improvements Get Early Comparison Video

YouTuber Cycu1 recently uploaded a comparison video highlighting the graphical differences between God of War’s PC and PS5 versions.

Following Sony’s announcement that God of War (2018) is migrating to PC, YouTuber Cycu1 put together a comparison video that pits PC graphical improvements against those available in the PS5 upgrade. The reveal of God of War’s PC port came after months of rumors and leaks, many of which indicate that even more PS4 exclusives will eventually launch elsewhere.

Developer Santa Monica Studio unleashed a PS5 upgrade for the award-winning action title back in February of this year, allowing players to choose between two different modes upon revisiting the experience. The Original Performance Experience settings deliver a solid 30fps, with checkerboard 4K resolutions. Meanwhile, an enhanced performance option unlocks 2160p resolution that runs in 60fps. Come January, PC players will receive a slew of new graphical improvements that are not available on PlayStation platforms. The PC iteration of God of War will boast ultrawide support, unlocked frame rates, higher resolution shadows, and NVIDIA’s DLSS on RTX. But what do these changes look like when stacked up against the PS5 boost? One YouTuber chose to answer the question themselves.

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YouTube channel Cycu1 posted an “Early Graphics Comparison” video that highlights the differences between God of War’s PC and PS5 upgrade builds. Viewing the two back-to-back doesn’t reveal much in the way of glaring distinctions, though the PC version does seem to run a bit smoother in terms of frame rate performance. The side-by-side screenshots that Cycu1 uses for the last two-thirds of the comparison video offer more clarity, though. Textures appear more refined in the PC iteration; colors seem especially vibrant as well. Even shadows have an added bit of definition that’s lacking in God of War’s PS5 upgrade. Take a look at the full comparison in the video linked below:

Again, the changes seem fairly minimal at first glance, yet there’s no denying the PC build boasts multiple advantages in both the visual and performance departments. Of course, the true test will come once the newer version arrives and players with beastly machines push Kratos’ most recent adventure to the max.

God of War counts as the latest first-party PS4 exclusive to receive the PC treatment and it won’t be the last, either. Horizon: Zero Dawn’s PC port got the ball rolling in August 2020, it incredible success showing Sony that there’s plenty of money to be made on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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God of War (2018) is playable now on PS4 and PS5 consoles; the PC version hits Steam and the Epic Games Store on January 14, 2022.

Source: Cycu1/YouTube

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