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Ginny & Georgia’s Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Content warning: this article discusses eating disorders.

Netflix’s hit series Ginny & Georgia is something like Gilmore Girls meets Big Little Lies. A single 30-year-old mother raising kids in an East Coast town might sound familiar, but this cast of characters stands out. These are truly individuals, rather than recycled formulas. Even Ginny & Georgia‘s Hunter is a fresh character for the small screen.

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There’s a lot to like about the residents of Wellsbury, like the fact that the characters defy outdated teen drama stereotypes. Ginny & Georgia‘s Abby is one example of a unique character – however, this doesn’t automatically qualify her as likable. Similarly, many fans find themselves hating Ginny because of the way she treats Georgia and her classmates.

Updated on August 25th, 2021 by Svetlana Sterlin: This teen drama may be full of diverse characters, but not all of them are very likable. For example, of all the teens of Ginny & Georgia, Abby is one who tends to divide fans the most. She’s going through a lot, but that shouldn’t give her an excuse to treat others poorly. Like many Ginny & Georgia characters, including Ginny herself, Abby tends to forget that not everything is about her. However, there are some who try to provide a shoulder to cry on for those struggling, and these kinder souls are those who fans like most.

15 Abby

Abby from Ginny & Georgia Lays in bed at night scrolling through her phone

Abby goes through a lot of her own struggles during the season, from dealing with her parents’ separation and her own body image and self-esteem. Abby is easy to empathize with, especially because she hides her struggles, as many young people do.

However, what fans don’t like about her is that she constantly lashes out at her friends, often in a hypocritical manner. For instance, she blames them for their absence, yet she’s just as wrapped up in her own problems as they are in theirs. She also lets Ginny take the fall for shoplifting, and in the end, she blames Ginny for MANG’s fallout, even though she keeps the secret from Max, too. All in all, Abby may be an authentic character, but she’s not as likable as some of her fellow classmates, simply because she’s unkind and not pleasant to be around.

14 Hunter

Hunter Chen from Ginny & Georgia Sings into a microphone

Hunter may be the perfect boyfriend on paper, but in reality, he and Ginny just don’t work. He should be likable, with his “good guy” persona that balances out Marcus’s “bad boy” archetype. At school, Hunter appears to be one of the more popular kids, and most people like him. However, viewers don’t tend to share this sentiment.

Conflict reveals character, and the conflict surrounding Hunter in Ginny & Georgia reveals that he isn’t who he pretends to be. He’s not a very kind person, as proven by his infamous “oppression Olympics” line. In the backend of the season, he says a lot of hurtful things and even punches Marcus, who’s still recovering from a concussion. Even though he seems like a nice person, Hunter isn’t as genuine as he seems.

13 Cynthia

Cynthia fuller talking to georgia on the street of ginny & georgia

Most fans don’t like Cynthia simply because the main characters don’t like her. She’s portrayed as a stereotypical helicopter mom, getting too involved in the way her son’s school is run. She then takes this one step further and tries to meddle in how the town is run. To be fair, the only real insight viewers get into her life is in the final moments of the season.

When she arrives home after losing the election, her husband is revealed to be sick. This does earn some sympathy, but it shouldn’t excuse the way she treats other people. The same can be said for her son, who’s a bully. To make Cynthia a more likable character, fans need to understand where her ideas for reform are coming from. Fans haven’t yet seen any wholesome family moments in season 1 involving Cynthia, so there’s potential for her to become more likable in the future.

12 Max

Maxine Baker from Ginny & Georgia sits at her desk in class and talks to Ginny

Maxine may be self-absorbed, obnoxious, and attention-seeking, but at least she’s honest about who she is. She takes Ginny under her wing without a second thought and introduces her to a group of friends – something Ginny’s never had. Max is a bubbly, positive, and surprisingly loyal person, but her melodramatic nature leads her to make some rash decisions, like causing a scene with Ginny at the end of season 1.

Max can be intense at times, and her tendency to focus everything on herself is frustrating. Though she has some likable qualities, Max overcompensates for her insecurities and ends up hurting people in her carelessness. Some people are turned off by her over-the-top theatrics, which is why she isn’t one of the most likable characters in Ginny & Georgia.

11 Norah

Norah from Ginny & Georgia Lays on a bed and smiles up at one of her friends

Norah is the quietest member of MANG, often staying out of arguments. When she feels that the drama is getting a bit too much, she usually ditches her friends to spend time with Jordan. This may reveal her disloyalty and even superficiality, but it also means she has a head for common sense.

While Norah may be the mature one of the group, it’s hard to like her because she doesn’t do much in season 1. Most of the time, she agrees with what the other girls say, but she rarely speaks her own mind. In the grand scheme of Ginny & Georgia, Norah has little impact on the story, which is why she doesn’t leave much of an impression either way. 

10 Ginny

Ginny Holds Up Her Hair In Front Of The Bathroom Mirror in Ginny and Georgia

Ginny comes to Wellsbury as the new girl, someone who has never had friends because of her nomadic lifestyle. She quickly befriends Max and is attracted to Marcus, which is when she starts behaving like a totally different person. The first time this is obvious in Ginny & Georgia is when Sam is left out of MANG’s activities at Ginny’s suggestion.

Ginny’s personality fluctuates between tender and selfish; she protects Austin and shields Georgia from trouble, but also cheats on her boyfriend and verbally abuses her parents. However, in the finale, Ginny’s choice to leave with Austin reveals her true character. At the end of the day, she’s still a teenager, and a lot of her character traits reflect that. Fans tend to either hate Ginny or feel bad for her – sometimes both.

9 Georgia

Brianne Howey in Ginny & Georgia Season 1 on Netflix

Georgia is a confirmed murderer, but somehow she still possesses a lot of redemptive qualities. Her crimes are uncomfortably easy to justify, and when it becomes clear that all she’s trying to do is be a good mother and make something of herself, she’s surprisingly easy to defend.

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Georgia’s charm is the most important thing when it comes to the audience’s attitude to her. Even when she’s scheming or spreading her ex-husband’s ashes over Wellsbury, she’s fun to watch. Ginny and Georgia are similar characters, but what makes Georgia a little more likable is that she usually treats her loved ones with a little more kindness and consideration than Ginny does.

8 Zion

Zion in Ginny and Georgia

From the get-go, Zion is a charming, charismatic, and very likable character. He’s smooth, suave, and it’s clear that his family likes him as much as they love him. When he shows up in the latter half of the season, his personality lives up to the praise.

However, Zion has some serious flaws he needs to work through in future seasons. He’s not a very committed father, which is why Georgia is frustrated that he can win Ginny over so easily. He also sabotages Georgia’s progress, even if this is unintentional. It’s important to note that Zion realizes this and decides to leave, but he does so without communicating with Georgia. As a co-parent, communication should be much higher on his list of priorities, but he lives as if his actions don’t affect anyone else.

7 Padma

Padma from ginny and georgia

As a supporting character, Padma doesn’t get a lot of screentime in season 1, but when she does show up, she leaves an impression. Padma is unafraid to speak her mind, even if she needs a little encouragement first. She helps Ginny see that Marcus isn’t the best person for her to be with, which then inspires Marcus to change his ways.

One of the most important decisions Padma makes is to put herself first. She gives Marcus an ultimatum and asserts her own power as an individual. She has a lot going for her and doesn’t need a romantic partner to fulfill her life, especially one who doesn’t care about her. Hopefully, Padma is seen more in season 2 of Ginny & Georgia.

6 Sophie

Sophie from GInny & Georgia standing in the school hallway smiling and looking at someone

Sophie balances out Max with her calm and understanding personality. She’s a great listener and truly cares about other people, even people she doesn’t know. The first time she approaches Max, she’s worried for her. She also encourages Marcus to tell her what’s on his mind when she’s over at the Bakers’.

Sophie is a calm, composed, and mature young woman who helps Max feel seen and heard. She’s one of the least problematic characters in the series, but may at times feel a little dull in comparison with other cast members. Because she doesn’t leave as much of an impression, she’s not exactly a fan-favorite, but she’s likable nonetheless.

5 Austin

Austin in Ginny and Georgia

Austin’s sweet demeanor earns viewers’ sympathy when he struggles to fit in, is bullied at school, or is overlooked by his family. He does display some worrying tendencies, like his violent outbursts and dishonesty, but he’s likable because he’s a lonely child.

However, even fans can’t overlook the similarities he shares with Georgia and possibly his biological father. He’s not a perfect kid by any means, but it’s not entirely his fault. He’s been raised in a tumultuous, ever-changing, environment and he seems to be struggling to understand who he really is.

4 Paul

Paul in Ginny and Georgia

Paul Randolph displays his generous heart when he offers Georgia a job despite her having no political experience. He constantly tries to do right by the town and is the one to call Georgia out on her behavior in more than one instance.

Paul never gets to see the side of Georgia that viewers do, and it’s hard to see him trust her so blindly. Despite his claim that they both are cut from the same cloth, Paul’s naivety could later become his downfall. As of season 1, he’s one of the only people to really notice Austin and to truly love Georgia for who she is. However, something of an unpopular Ginny & Georgia opinion, at least according to Reddit, is that Paul shows signs of being a megalomaniac, from his unconventional engagement to Georgia to his desperation to stay in power as mayor.

3 Marcus

Marcus Leans Back Against the Bathroom Wall with his hair swept across his face in Ginny and Georgia

Marcus may not make the best first impression, but he ends up being one of the most likable characters on the show. When he stops pretending to be someone he’s not, viewers see that he’s much more vulnerable than he lets on. The way Marcus hides his true self is something many viewers can relate to, especially those familiar with a high school setting.

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Before the end of the season, Marcus opens up about his mental health, which is one of the most important conversations in the series. He also accepts his feelings for Ginny, which is hard for him, and he’s also remarkably honest about it. Above all else, what makes Marcus likable is his decision to grow and try to do right by other people.

2 Ellen

ellen and georgia - ginny and georgia

Ellen is Georgia’s first friend when she moves to live in the idyllic Wellsbury. The two build a swift, easy rapport, chatting about their children and what it’s like to be a mom in Wellsbury. Ellen is an easygoing sort of person most of the time, but she’s also very different from Georgia in that she stresses over her children’s wellbeing.

There’s little to dislike about Ellen – she’s a supportive mother who is very open and honest about her parenting struggles, and she allows herself to be frazzled. She’s funny, charismatic, and proves to be a very good friend to Georgia. She always listens, but she’s also not afraid to tell the truth. It’s a cathartic moment for the audience when she points out Georgia’s flaws.

1 Joe

Joe from Ginny & Georgia smiles at Georgia over the counter of the bar at Blue Farm Cafe

Joe, the owner of Blue Farm Café, is one of the nicest people in Wellsbury. This is something Georgia notices the first time she meets him as a teen, and again when she moves to the small town. Ginny also finds refuge in his café, mostly because it’s where he gives her some great fatherly advice.

Fans love Joe because he always puts other people first, sometimes to a fault. But in season 1, the quality is endearing. He does everything Georgia asks of him but also hides his feelings from her because he doesn’t want to ruin her happiness. Joe is the least problematic character in the series, and so far he’s only given fans reasons to root for him.

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