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Ginny & Georgia: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

One of Netflix’s hit shows, Ginny & Georgia, is a teen drama with a twist. Ginny & Georgia‘s cast of characters represents a range of personalities, and as such, a range of zodiac signs. Even the titular mother and daughter duo could hardly be more different from one another, though they sometimes seem like two sides of the same coin.

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Wellsbury is a town populated by citizens of varying viewpoints, which is showcased in the mayoral election campaign. Cynthia and Paul each represent a certain type of Wellsbury resident, but the teen characters shouldn’t be dismissed; Ginny and Max are among a larger cohort of students with strong opinions that they aren’t afraid to voice.

Updated on July 17th, 2021 by Svetlana Sterlin: Fans are keen for the second season of this Netflix Original, but the wait might be lengthy. In the meantime, viewers can learn which Ginny & Georgia character they are most like according to their zodiac signs. The star signs of these Ginny & Georgia characters are determined by their traits, behavioral patterns, and habits throughout season 1 of the series.

12 Aries: Paul Randolph

ginny and georgia - paul the mayor

Being mayor of a small town requires a certain amount of confidence, which Paul demonstrates regularly. His ability to speak his mind and stand up to Cynthia, who can come across as intimidating, indicates a lot of fiery passion in his personality.

Furthermore, after Georgia confesses to sleeping with Zion, Paul surprises everyone by giving an empowered monologue about how he and Georgia are cut from the same cloth and share a motivation to succeed. Like Georgia, Paul is determined to get what he desires, which only proves that he’s an Aries.

11 Taurus: Cynthia Fuller

Cynthia Speaking To People

Stubborn Cynthia and her clique of moms torment Georgia from the second she moves to live in Wellsbury. Her unwillingness to compromise and her mission to turn the town into her own personal playground is typical Taurus behavior.

Tauruses are short-tempered, much like Cynthia. They are represented by the bull and never back down in a fight. Her jealously over Georgia fits the profile of a Spring Earth sign. However, a softer, gentler side of Cynthia is revealed when she returns home after losing the mayoral race. The audience sees, for the first time, her husband, wheel-chair bound and hooked up to a breathing machine.

10 Gemini: Georgia Miller

Brianne Howey in Ginny & Georgia Season 1 on Netflix

Georgia seems to have no problem switching up her personality to match the day of the week. She’s a chameleon, doing whatever it takes to get ahead and survive the day. Because of this, she is a true Gemini, the twin air sign.

From her mixed wardrobe of bright colors and toned-down shades of grey to her quick wit and fun-loving personality, Georgia consistently embodies the duality of a Gemini. She’s always double-crossing people and deceiving others with her charming, cunning tactics. However, she is genuinely loving and protective of her children, even if her parenting can be messy.

9 Cancer: Maddie Atkins

Maddie With A Baseball Cap Sitting On The Couch

Georgia’s secret half-sister Maddie and her son Caleb show up in Wellsbury halfway through the first season. Incredibly emotional, Maddie has a breakdown in both the flashback and present-day sequences. Cancers are known for their complex emotions, somewhat contradictory character traits, and sensitivity, which describes Maddie.

Maddie demonstrates a strong sense of Cancer-like loyalty, to herself more than anyone else. She feels abandoned by her older sister and therefore vindictive. This is why she tries to expose Georgia for her crimes, and she needs no other motivation than revenge for the pain she endured at the hands of her father – and upon Georgia’s desertion.

8 Leo: Max Baker

Maxine Baker from Ginny & Georgia sits at her desk in class and talks to Ginny

The center of attention, striving for personal success, and lover of all things drama, Maxine Baker is a Leo through and through. She is the lead of the school play, the leader of her friend group MANG, and the most outspoken member of the Baker family.

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Max is fiercely protective of the ones she loves, and has a huge heart, taking Ginny in and making her a member of the coolest sophomores in Wellsbury on her very first day. Like most Leos, Max can be dominating to the point of irritation, and her desire to be the most important person in the room can be exhausting to deal with. Regardless, her confidence is unmatched and allows her fiery energy to shine through.

7 Virgo: Gabriel Cordova

Private Investigator Gabriel Cordova speaks to Ginny at Blue Farm Cafe in Ginny & Georgia

The private investigator hired to take down Georgia (or rather, Mary Atkins) moonlights as Jesse, a sweet tattooed hunk who pursues Paul’s assistant Nick. Like any Earth sign, Gabriel is extremely blunt, which becomes apparent when he confronts Ginny and asks her to come clean about her mother’s dangerous past.

As a PI, Gabriel is dedicated and very analytical, just like a typical Virgo. He is a hard worker and stops at nothing to deliver the truth, even if he has to do it while hiding under a false persona.

6 Libra: Hunter Chen

Hunter Singing

Hunter Chen, Ginny’s first boyfriend and overnight YouTube sensation (following his Battle of the Bands performance), is a diplomatic Libra. He’s a picture-perfect boyfriend, doing everything high school culture would expect from him, even if he doesn’t turn out to be Ginny’s type.

A social butterfly, Hunter is adored by many at Wellsbury High. Libras love the arts, much like Hunter enjoys making music. Hunter’s charm runs out when he develops a self-pitying attitude when Ginny cheats on him and when he attempts to approach her about it, it becomes clear that he lacks strong confrontational skills.

5 Scorpio: Ginny Miller

Ginny Holds Up Her Hair In Front Of The Bathroom Mirror in Ginny and Georgia

Ginny’s 16th birthday is just after Halloween, making her a November Scorpio. This matches her character to a tee, as she displays determination, bravery, and independence. Her ambitious nature is put to the test in the backend of the first season when she flees Wellsbury with Austin.

Scorpios can be mean and resentful, which Ginny lives up to. She resents her mom from keeping secrets, marrying strangers, and moving her and Austin around the country. Ginny’s guarded emotionalism is also a clear indicator that she is this Fall water sign.

4 Sagittarius: Marcus Miller

Marcus listening to ginny - ginny & georgia

Ginny learns that Marcus’s birthday is in December in the very first episode when Max reveals that he can’t legally ride the motorcycle he bought for himself. A true fire sign, Marcus can be hot-headed at times.

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He is emotionally vulnerable and honest about his mental health issues and doesn’t judge Ginny for her own. But Marcus is afraid to give his all when it comes to love because he fears rejection. As a Sagittarius, he’s extremely artistic, as seen from his room decor, his ability to play the piano, and the painting he gives Ginny for her birthday.

3 Capricorn: Joe

Joe Leans Across the counter of Blue Farm to talk to Georgia in Ginny and Georgia

Joe is a textbook Capricorn. He’s down-to-earth, reliable, calm, and a little emotionally distant. When he first meets Georgia as a teenager, he holds back from being completely honest about how he feels and regrets the missed opportunity years later. In the present day, Joe is a source of stability for many Blue Farm customers, especially Ginny and her mom. However, he still holds back from telling Georgia how he feels, even after he learns that she probably liked him too.

When he learns of her engagement, Joe exercises an incredible amount of self-control, concealing a decades-long crush on Georgia and putting her happiness above his own. Like a true Capricorn, Joe prefers to remain on the sidelines of Wellsbury’s town affairs, though he is a capable businessman and pursuer of his dreams.

2 Aquarius: Nick

Nick cross-armed in the Millers' house in Ginny & Georgia

Paul’s assistant Nick is initially put off by Georgia and her free-spirit attitude. He doesn’t believe she deserves the position she gets, but eventually warms up to her and they become good friends. As Georgia’s friend, Nick demonstrates his true thoughtful nature, and in a professional capacity, he displays excellent communication skills.

Outside of the office, Nick reveals a more eccentric side to himself and is unafraid to be himself. At Ginny’s birthday party he shows off a unique fashion sense. Like any Aquarius, Nick is a great support person, and Georgia is glad to have him by her side in season 1.

1 Pisces: Zion Miller

Zion Smiling

Zion–Ginny’s dad and Georgia’s ex-lover–oozes charm and irresistibility. He’s dreamy, kind, and in touch with his emotions. He’s so confident in himself that he’s willing to give a public performance of a very personal poem about his rocky relationship with Ginny.

Pisces adapt well to change, and Zion’s nomadic lifestyle is a tribute to that. Zion is hard to reach and not one to settle down, and when he eventually decides to, he lets his empathic nature get the better of him. He allows Georgia, his true love, to slip away because he believes she deserves better than the past.

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