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Final Fantasy XIV Players Are Making Fun Of Endwalker’s Weird Grapes

Final Fantasy XIV players have noticed some peculiar grapes in its newest expansion Endwalker, prompting many to make fun of its weird shape.

Eagle-eyed Final Fantasy XIV Online players have spotted some weirdly shaped grapes in the game’s newest expansion, Endwalker. Square Enix’s overwhelmingly popular MMO’s latest expansion was recently released for early access on December 3, with its official launch arriving December 7.

As the fourth expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker will finally conclude the story between Hydaelyn and Zodiark – which first began with the release of the title in 2010. Along with the conclusion of the decade-long tale, a plethora of new content is included with the expansion’s release; including new areas and the male Viera race. Endwalker also brings two new player classes: a DPS titled Reaper, and a healer job titled Sage. Most impressively, Endwalker will feature more cutscenes and story content than its predecessor, Shadowbringers, making it the game’s biggest expansion to date.


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Reddit user shootthemovies recently shared a screenshot from the game’s newest expansion, where they spotted some odd grapes. The picture showed several bunches of ripe purple grapes hanging from its vines. However, the fruit’s model was hilariously low-detailed, with its texture placed on a blocky crystal-like shape. The weird grapes quickly drew the attention of Final Fantasy XIV fans, prompting many to join in and poke fun at the low quality graphics and its funny shape.

Some Redditors pointed out the grape’s crystal-like shape looks similar to the Mothercrystal – Hydaelyn – a central component to Final Fantasy XIV’s story thus far. The comparison drew some amusing responses that put a fruity twist on Hydaelyn’s most recognized quote; “Hear…Feel…Think…” was turned into “Hear…Feel…Drink…” Another Redditor hilariously added that the shape of the grapes must have meant they were of the “Sauvignon Block variety.” While the low-res grapes are definitely a funny sight to see, a reasoning behind its low detail may be due to the fact that Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida previously stated the use of more detailed in-game decorations would impact the game’s performance.

Although Endwalker’s grapes are certainly lacking in polygons, it’s heart-warming to see that Final Fantasy XIV’s community are amused rather than enraged about the block-y fruit. The overwhelming popularity of the MMO’s latest expansion has meant that players wanting to see the grapes up close may have a difficult time logging in. However, FFXIV announced it will give free game time in order to compensate players for the ongoing server congestion issues. For those on the lookout, there will undoubtedly be more interesting details for fans to discover as they progress through Endwalker’s substantial additions to the epic MMO.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releases on PC, PS4, and PS5 on December 7.

Source: shootthemovies/Reddit

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