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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get The Auspicious Kamuy Fife (Mount Guide)

The Auspicious Kamuy Fife is the item for summoning Auspicious Kamuy, a rare, striped wolf Mount released in Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion.

Auspicious Kamuy is one of eight rare Kamuy Mounts from Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, and it can be summoned using the Auspicious Kamuy Fife. Like the rest of the Kamuy Mounts, the Auspicious Kamuy is exclusively obtainable from farming the Extreme Trials in Final Fantasy XIV‘s expansion. However, thanks to the Moogle Treasure Trove event, players will be able to earn the Auspicious Kamuy Mount through other means for a limited time. Moogle Treasure Trove will only last from Oct. 19 to Nov. 23, Endwalker‘s release date.

Needless to say, the Auspicious Kamuy can only be acquired by players who own the Stormblood expansion. Players using the trial version must purchase the full game, as the Trial only contains Heavensward. If players manage to collect Auspicious Kamuy along with the rest of the Kamuy Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, they can unlock the Fabled Kamuy, the largest and rarest of all Kamuy.

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To get the Auspicious Kamuy Fife in Final Fantasy XIV, players first must complete the final MSQ of the second expansion, “Stormblood.” Afterward, players should head to Kugane and speak to the Wandering Minstrel, who can be found at X:11.6, Y:12.6. He will give players a level 70 quasi-quest called “Songs in the Key of Kugane.” The quest completes itself once the player has spoken with the quest giver, but it also unlocks the prerequisite Primals for accessing the Extreme Trials in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood.

How to Get the Auspicious Kamuy Fife in Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy xiv auspicious kamuy mount

The Final Fantasy XIV Extreme Trial that drops the Auspicious Kamuy Fife is The Jade Stoa Extreme, also known as Byakko EX. Requiring an Item Level of 340, this Level-70 boss fight demands heavy mechanical skill from players. As long as players understand and learn how to dodge Byakko’s attack patterns, they should be able to take down the white tiger relatively efficiently. If players are unable to obtain the rare Auspicious Kamuy Fife drop from Byakko EX, they can take Byakko Totems earned from the Trial to Eschina in the stalls of Rhalgr’s Reach. Here, they can exchange 99 Byakko Totems for an Auspicious Kamuy Fife.

Players who participate in the Final Fantasy XIV‘s limited Moogle Treasure Trove event can also earn an Auspicious Kamuy Fife. They can purchase the Fife from an Itinerant Moogle for 50 Irregular Tomestones of Lore.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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