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Emily Faye Miller’s Best Instagram Photos Since Too Hot To Handle

Since she finished filming Too Hot to Handle season 2, Cam Holmes’ girlfriend Emily Faye Miller has shared some great pics on Instagram.

The Too Hot to Handle season 2 fan favorite Emily Faye Miller was the talk of the town during the show, and we are here to share some of the most impressive Instagram pics she’s posted since she finished filming the show. Emily is known for her early showmance development with Cam Holmes. From the get-go, the two paired up, and they stayed together for the rest of the season and beyond. However, there is more to Emily than her relationship with her man. Before the show, she flaunted her glitz and glamour on Instagram. In 2016, she first appeared on the platform with blonde hair, looking almost unrecognizable.

Since the show wrapped in late June, Emily has gained 1.6 million Instagram followers. They can look at her stories with her dog Twix and also learn about her travels. Her life away from digital host Lana can be summed up by five of her best photo ops. These pics, as shown below, definitely tell a story.

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Emily Wears A Shimmery Dress

In this shot from 2 days ago, Emily shines in a silky body-con dress with spaghetti straps. She loves wearing neutral colors and her fans (and her boyfriend Calm Holmes) wholeheartedly approve. Cam left the comment, “Wa wa wee wa.”

“Baby, you should enjoy yourself”

Emily seemingly has a bubbly personality, as well as a down-to-earth side. She comes off as a very empowered English woman of Indian descent. Oftentimes, she uses the Instagram platform to show off her strong sense of self. Luckily for her, she formed a partnership with Leicester-based clothing brand, Boohoo. This partnership helps her to display her qualities.

“Could lay in your arms 4eva”

When a Too Hot To Handle showmance turns into a real-life relationship, as with Robert Von Tromp and Christina Carmela, fans want to know about it. It might have taken a week or so to make the news official, but Emily hasn’t had a shortage of shots with Cam. They both come from modeling backgrounds, so there’s no end in sight when it comes to their professional-grade snaps.

“London nights”

Along with Paris and New York City, London is one of the top three fashion capitals of the world. Most high-end London designer shops are situated just north of Westminster, which is home to Buckingham Palace. Emily is quite loyal to her London roots as she’s pictured here, embracing English fashion culture with a Hard Rock in the backdrop.

“Lucky is to have you”

The No. 1 most-liked post of Aries Emily’s is when she tells her followers that she and Libra Cam are officially dating outside of the show. It all started out in a village in Punta Mita, Mexico, where Too Hot To Handle season 2 was filmed. Cam introduced himself as a player, while Emily didn’t tag herself as a one-man type of girl. It may have been the influence of Lana or their English connection that helped the two to avoid temptation. They became one of the show’s leading couples.

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Source: Emily Faye Miller/Instagram

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