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Dying Light Switch vs. PS4 Comparison

A video comparison of Dying Light gameplay on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 shows that the Switch’s port is impressive despite some setbacks.

A comparison video of Dying Light gameplay on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 shows the game is an impressive port. Comparisons of different consoles have always been of interest. For example, though the PS5 is currently outselling Nintendo Switch, the Switch is on track to beat the PlayStation 4’s lifetime sales. Aside from sales, what is monumental to gamers are comparisons of consoles’ gameplay.

Originally released on the PS4, 2015’s survival horror video game Dying Light saw several DCLs, which included fresh expansions and game modes. In May the DLCs were bundled for Dying Light: Platinum Edition, released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. This edition offers players seventeen skins and two added quarantine zones. It also gives fans access to the Dying Light: The Following expansion and both the Dying Light: Bozak Horde and Dying Light: Hellraid game modes. In August it was announced that a Switch version of Dying Light: Platinum Edition was launching on October 19th.

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YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits released a video comparing gameplay of Dying Light: Platinum Edition on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4. Because the Switch runs at a resolution ranging from 1080 pixels to 720 pixels (as opposed to the PS4’s superior resolution), there is bound to be some sacrifice in terms of the graphics’ quality. As displayed in ElAnalistaDeBits’ video, the settings for the draw distance and the shadows have suffered the most cuts on the handheld console. In addition to this, the Switch’s port has a lower quality of both ambient occlusion and textures. There are also some punctual drops in the frame rate in stress zones. However, the Switch maintains a decent frame rate of 30fps, a standard for the console. Also interestingly enough, loading times are faster on the Switch than on the PS4.

Despite some obvious setbacks, it’s clear from the video comparison that the Switch’s Dying Light: Platinum Edition is an impressive port. In fact, in the description underneath their video, ElAnalistaDeBits admits that Dying Light on the Switch is one of the best ports on the console. This is because the Switch’s port is able to maintain a similar quality to the PS4’s port without sacrificing too much resolution and performance.

With Dying Light becoming available to Switch owners, a new fanbase for the franchise will likely emerge. This will ultimately please Dying Light developer Techland, as the release of the Switch port will also drum up more excitement for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the sequel to the video game. Techland confirmed that Dying Light 2 will get a Nintendo Switch release via the cloud on the same day it releases for other platforms. Though fans still have some time to wait before the sequel is released, at least they know that Dying Light for the Switch is here to stay.

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Source: ElAnalistaDeBits/YouTube

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