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Dragon Ball’s Vegeta Vs. Superman, Who’d Win in a Fight?

Superman versus Goku is one of the most popular match-ups for comic/manga geeks nowadays, but what would happen if Superman fought Vegeta?

If there’s one thing Dragon Ball fans love, it’s pitting their strongest characters, like Goku and Vegeta, against DC Comics’ Superman. “Superman versus Goku” is still a heated discussion among comic book and manga fans. Nevertheless, another powerful character who could potentially take down the Man of Steel is the Prince of all Saiyans—Vegeta IV.

Vegeta is an arrogant Saiyan who starts as a villain and killer for the Frieza Force. He eventually defects and slowly becomes one of Dragon Ball’s greatest heroes. Despite his cocky attitude, he deserves some right to boast. The hero of Dragon Ball—Goku—could defeat Vegeta purely because of his resilience and determination to face stronger foes than himself. However, Vegeta is technically more powerful than Goku when it comes to pure ability. From Vegeta’s famous Galick Gun to Hakai attacks, the Saiyan Prince is more than capable of getting past some of Superman’s projectiles, like heat-vision. This would unquestionably be the case if Vegeta is in his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Form, where he can effortlessly keep up with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Form.

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Even if comic book fans don’t know of Vegeta, manga fans probably know the story of Superman. After he was sent to Earth by Jor-El and Lara as the last surviving child of Krypton, Martha and Jonathan Kent raise their Kal-El/Clark Kent with a good heart. As the boy grows and discovers his powerful abilities thanks to Earth’s yellow sun, he becomes Superman—the Man of Steel. After 80+ years of history, Superman has experience as the leader of the Justice League, an honorary member of the Legion of Superheroes, and one of, if not the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. While Superman does have several weaknesses, from kryptonite to magic, his most potent power is always finding a way to triumph over evil.

Even if Vegeta is more powerful than Superman, the Last Son of Krypton always finds a way to triumph against evil. In All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, Clark reaches the most powerful he’s ever been after a solar flare super-charges him. In this state, Superman effortlessly arm-wrestles both Samson—a strongman traveling across space and time for physical challenges—and Atlas—the titan from New Olympus. While Vegeta could potentially obtain his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Form, it’s worth mentioning that Superman’s over-charged state in All-Star Superman is just as, if not more powerful.

DC Comics‘ Superman stories are more about uplifting audiences and less about reaching new power levels. Despite this, the Last Son of Krypton is always in control of his unstoppable vigor. Vegeta has difficulties handling some of Dragon Ball‘s more powerful Super Saiyan forms, but he would still unleash devastating attacks on the Man of Steel. It would be a grueling battle for both of them, but it’s undeniable that Superman would more likely than not triumph over his enemy, especially if Clark has something to defend or avenge.

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