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Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Beat The Secret Boss

Deltarune Chapter Two has a secret boss to find and defeat. This is the most difficult battle in the game and players may need some a bit of help.

The second chapter of Deltarune is out now and, just like its previous installment, it contains a secret boss that players must find. While the first chapter’s secret boss does not make a grand return, players can rest assured that this chapter’s boss is just as difficult to defeat.

Of course, there are steps that must be followed in order to find this boss, all of which occur in Deltarune’s Dark World found in the library computer lab. In their attempts to find and beat this boss, players should know that it is the most difficult part of this newly released chapter, and can cause some frustration.

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In the chapter’s first main area, the Cyber Field, players will find the crossroad to the entrance of Deltarune If players take the crossroad east and then immediately north, they’ll find Hacker. He will ask the players for find three blue checkmarks in the Cyber Field.

Where to Find The Blue Checkmarks in Deltarune

Spamton in Deltarune
  • The first can be found by leaving Hacker’s area, going east and then south. Players should end up in an area with several roaming Tasques. By taking the lower east exit, players will find a chest containing a GlowWrist and the first checkmark.
  • The second checkmark is in the area with the teacup rides. The center ride will take players to the blue checkmark. To progress up it, Kris specifically must make contact with the arrows. At the top is a chest containing the second checkmark.
  • The last checkmark can be found by taking the left teacup ride to the top, also using Kris specifically to hit all the arrows. Players will find a typing puzzle at the top where they will need to type ‘GIASFELFEBREHBER.’ This phrase will get players the last blue checkmark.

Once all checkmarks are found, players will need to return to Hacker. He will give fireworks as a reward, but that isn’t all. Hacker will be back with more help later.

After completing his side quest, Hacker will appear in the Queen’s Mansion. After encountering the Tasque Manager, the next room will have stairs and a road. Players will have to use the stop buttons to freeze traffic for short bursts to avoid getting hit while navigating this roadway. By taking the east exit, players will find a room with statues of the queen and Hacker pacing around. He will tell players of a secret passage within the room. To find it, players should watch him walk around the room and wait for the shape of his body to change from a normal mouse cursor to click mouse cursor. Where this change occurs is where to find the button that opens the secret passage. The tension just keeps building bigger and bigger.

The passage will lead to the basement, but the basement itself is locked. Players will need the Key-Gen, purchased from a secret shop run by an earlier boss in the game, Spamton. To find the shop, players will need to warp from the mansion to the Trash Zone, head left into the following map, and go north through the hole in the wall. This brings players to a shop that only Kris can enter. The Key-Gen may be quite expensive to start out, but its price is ever-changing, so players should continue trying to buy it until they can afford it. After buying the Key-Gen, the shopkeeper will ask Kris to get a disc from the basement and bring it back. Let the fetch-quest begin!

Back in the basement, players should take the west path (the east path is blocked) and be extremely careful as there are traps and hazards that will damage Kris. The furthest left room in the hall may seem empty at first, but a teacup ride appears that leads to a switch that will turn off the forcefield blocking the east path. This new path takes players to a room with train tracks. By going into the east room from here, players will find a robot with the disk.

When players return the disc, Spamton warns that this will make his shop forevermore inaccessible so players should buy anything they want beforehand. Spamton will ask players to return the disc to the robot they found it in. Returning the disc to the robot is what will begin the secret boss encounter so this is a good time for players to ensure they are confident in their health and equipment and save the game.

How to Defeat the Secret Boss in Deltarune Chapter Two

Deltarune Spamton Secret Boss Fight

As stated above, the most important step in this Deltarune fight is to go in prepared. Butler Juice, which heals 100HP in battle can be bought in the Queen’s Mansion and could be a game-saving item to go in with. If it’s within the player’s budget, armor bought from the same café is also recommended. This boss hits hard. The main mechanic of the fight is players using their soul to shoot bullets at any of the blue objects shot out by the boss in battle. Failing this results in more bullets covering the screen. The fight can be completed in one of two ways: attaching the boss until his health runs out or using the Act command to snap all of his wires. During certain attacks, the boss exposes weaknesses like hearts, eyes, nose, and mouth. Players can break these parts to stop the bullets from being fired out of them. With how difficult and fun these secret bosses have been so far, hopefully they continue to show up in the games next chapters.

Depending on how players choose to fight this boss, they will be provided with different rewards at the end of it. By attacking, Deltarune players receive a Puppet Scarf which is a weapon that can be equipped to Ralsei. By cutting the wires, players receive a Dealmaker – armor that increases defense and money earned in battle. Players will also get a Shadow Crystal no matter what playstyle they choose. Based on text in-game, more of these crystals will show up in chapters 3-5 and their mystery will be further unraveled.

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Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 are available on PC.

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