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Deathloop: How to Open the Updaam Cave Safe

The Updaam cave safe is one of the hardest safes to crack in Deathloop. Players must travel around Updaam collecting numbers to solve this puzzle.

Arkane Studios recently released Deathloop, an action-adventure game with an intriguing story and a dangerous setting. The game follows Colt Vahn, a man who must break the time loop he’s stuck in by hunting down Visionaries on the Isle of Blackreef. The four districts on Blackreef are full of menacing enemies and plenty of secrets.

There are a variety of gameplay features that make Deathloop an interesting and challenging adventure. Throughout the game, there are new weapons and abilities to obtain, as well as various combat situations and intricate mysteries. One of the hardest puzzles in the game is finding the safe code for the Updaam cave safe.

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Unlocking the Updaam cave safe takes a fair amount of detective work. The safe is located under Dorsey Square in Updaam. Travel past the hackable terminals and over the side of the wall to find a cave on the right. Inside, players will find a map with a triangle on it, and three triangles to the right scratched into the wall. Three Deathloop codes are needed to open the safe. They are obtained by matching up the triangle points with overworld positions, finding the numbers in each location, and entering them in the correct sequence.

Solving the Updaam Cave Safe Puzzle in Deathloop

Deathloop - Updaam Cave Safe Open

Unfortunately, there is no way to open the safe in Deathloop without completing the puzzle, because the codes for the Updaam safe are random. Each code for the safe corresponds to the triangles on the wall. The first triangle is drawn onto the map, but players must line up the circles to determine the position of the other two triangles. Although the numbers are different, the location for each of the 6 numbers is the same. Players should be prepared to write down the numbers and make a note of what location they were found in.

While running around Updaam, there will be Eternalists to fight or evade. The first number can be found outside of Colt’s Apartment beside the Final Nights of Bad Luck Mary plaque. The next number is on the outside of the small tunnel near Moxie. The third number is on the wall of the alleyway near the tunnels, and the next one is partially hidden on the wall at the Library entrance. The fifth number is located on the outside of Charlie’s mansion and can be viewed through a gun scope. Finally, the last number can be found near the door to the left of Otto’s Workshop. After finding all 6 numbers, head back to the cave to enter the codes.

The safe codes correspond to the three triangles on the wall. Codes will be entered with the numbers that match the no dash vertex, one dash, then two dashes. This sequence will be the same for all of the triangles. However, the last triangle on the wall doesn’t have dashes, so players will need to guess at the combination. There are only 6 possibilities, so it shouldn’t take long to find the correct one. Once the safe is open, the 5,000 Residuum inside can be collected, and the safe can be revisited for more Residuum at the start of each loop reset (the codes will be saved once they are entered). Deathloop‘s puzzles vary in difficulty, but Updaam’s cave safe is one of the more intricate puzzles in the game.

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Deathloop is available now for Playstation 5 and PC.

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