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BIP: Brendan Morais Apologizes For Saying Natasha Had ‘Zero Prospects’

Brendan Morais shares a video on his Instagram account, explaining in detail his relationship with Pieper and making an apology to Natasha.

After an infamous season on Bachelor In Paradise, Brendan Morais shares an intimate apology directed to Natasha Parker on his Instagram account. As summer continues in Paradise, the series has had an unusually dramatic season, with plenty of betrayals and surprise encounters. Limited to a single night of Bachelor Nation excitement, fans can follow the scandal and handful of new judges on Bachelor In Paradise exclusively on Tuesday evenings.

After a series of misguided decisions and a negative reaction from his fellow cast members, Brendan has been caught lying to Natasha about his relationship with Pieper James. While a number of other events had taken the forefront of the season, Brendan continues to be the focus of Bachelor Nation gossip as co-stars and fans try to make sense of his infamous role in the series. Both unclear about his intentions on the show and motivated by fame, Brendan is no longer the sweetheart of Bachelor Nation that he once was, now marred by this lowbrow means of social media fame.

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Posted on Brendan’s Instagram account, the Bachelor In Paradise contestant shared a lengthy video, explaining his situation and attempting to apologize to Natasha for the events of the series. After infamous allegations about Brendan lying to Natasha about his previous relationship, Brendan had plenty to explain. In an earnest video, Brendan explored in over seven minutes his own point of view on the BIP drama. In the video, he started out by stating that the point of the video was for “context and clarity.” He also humbled himself by saying “I wanted to apologize to you, Natasha. I never wanted to hurt you. I never meant to lead you on. I honestly enjoyed spending time with you.” Brendan also corrected himself for cruelly saying Natasha had “zero prospects” on the season. While Brendan does appear to understand the fallout of his actions, he still seems to be underwhelming in his delivery, calling the accusations against him “ironic and silly.” 

After an overly detailed look into Brendan’s excuse for his BIP behavior, fans are certain to still be suspicious. While Brendan says that he wasn’t dating Pieper before Paradise, he shared in his video about the many times they’d spent together, both one-on-one and in group settings. Brendan also explained how he “told [Pieper he’d] love to see [her] in paradise.” Even if Brendan’s intentions were as pure as he claims they were going into the process, he still appears to have muddled the truth when it comes to Pieper. Brendan leaves followers wondering if there was truly “no romantic spark” with Natasha as he claims in the video or if he was simply waiting for Pieper to arrive in Paradise.

Brendan’s video doesn’t appear to share any information that fans weren’t previously aware of, only repeating his worn-out explanations for his time spent with Pieper before his time on the series. Even after Brendan’s departure with Pieper on the most recent episode of the series, Brendan has negatively impacted his co-stars and Bachelor Nation as a whole. As Bachelor In Paradise moves forward into the final episodes of the season, fans can expect a refreshingly less toxic environment and a chance for the remaining couples to pursue love rather than fame.

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Source: Brendan Morais/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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