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Big Brother: Kyland Allegedly Stole Derek F.’s Ring During Eviction

Kyland Young allegedly stole Derek Fraizer’s ring during his blindside eviction Thursday night. Xavier and Derek searched the house for it on Friday.

Kyland Young allegedly stole Derek Fraizer’s ring during his shocking blindside eviction from the Big Brother house Thursday night. Kyland was determined to make it to the final two alongside Xavier Prather in, what the houseguests have referred to as, a “Batman versus Superman” battle. To his despair, Kyland was evicted during Thursday’s live episode.

In addition to forming the Cookout alliance which ultimately made Big Brother history this summer, the final six also formed their own, personal final twos within the group. One of these final two pairings was between Kyland and Derek. Although they both agreed to to take each other to the end from the early days of the competition, Derek ultimately felt it was better for his game to get rid of Kyland instead of Azah Awasum in the final eviction before finale night. Kyland was left both shocked and hurt by Derek’s decision.

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Amid the drama filled live eviction Thursday night, Kyland allegedly stole Derek’s ring. The morning following the eviction, live-feed viewers watched as Derek and Xavier searched the house for Derek’s ring. According to the Twitter account @hamsterwatch, Derek had previously given Kyland the ring to hold to ensure he would cast his vote to keep him. As seen in the clip shared below, Kyland subtly took the ring off of his finger and put it in his pocket as host Julie Chen Moonves directed Derek to cast his solo vote. Derek and Xavier were seen searching the entire living room for the ring, including under the couch (also seen below) on Friday. The ring held much importance to Derek. His late father, boxer Smokin’ Joe Fraizer, gave it to him right before he passed. Both Derek and Xavier agreed that Kyland had taken it with him during his eviction.

Although Xavier assured Derek they would get it back, Derek was not too confident. He had explained that if the ring had simply been a class ring or something else of lesser importance he would not care; however, since his father gave it to him, he would really like it back. Derek never intended for Kyland to keep the ring for good.  This was not the only drama Kyland stirred up during his eviction. In addition to taking Derek’s ring with him, Kyland started an argument with Xavier which quickly turned personal. Despite Kyland repeatedly mentioning Xavier’s nephew in an effort to make him feel bad for this game move, Xavier managed to keep his cool until Julie forced Kyland to leave the house immediately. Kyland’s family released a statement regarding the incident the following day.

It is unclear if Kyland did in fact steal Derek’s ring; however, the clip going around social media clearly shows Kyland pocketing a second ring he had been wearing. Since Derek has made it known that he believes Kyland took the ring, production will most likely become involved in the situation to ensure Derek’s gets his beloved ring back. Needless to say, Kyland will be a bitter juror when he casts his vote for a winner on finale night.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source @hasterwatch/ Twitter, @JokersBBUpdates/ Twitter

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