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Best Speed Deck Build in Back 4 Blood

Players looking to sprint through Back 4 Blood will want to build their deck for movement speed. Evangelo and Karlee are the best character choices.

In Back 4 Blood, players can deal with zombie hordes and get to the safehouse in many different ways. Usually, coordinated teams will try to diversify their builds and have each teammate cover a different archetype. This allows for the most versatile route to victory, which helps when accounting for the many different types of enemies in Back 4 Blood.

One of the Back 4 Blood builds that can help players finish levels in good time is the Speed build. A Speed build focuses primarily on movement speed, sprint efficiency, and breaking out of crowd control abilities. Players who run this build will be able to sprint right past hordes of zombies and make it to the objective as fast as possible, which can help quite a bit in most situations. It also provides kiting ability in situations in which a horde does have to be cleared before progressing.

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The Speed build is a pretty squishy build, and it also doesn’t offer much in the way of damage bonuses, so players should keep in mind that this build is specifically for speeding through levels as quickly as possible. That being said, the mobility this build provides can be extremely powerful. It is important to note these things before committing since players can’t currently try out cards at Back 4 Blood’s Practice Range.

The Best Speed Deck Build in Back 4 Blood

There are two Back 4 Blood characters best suited for the Speed Build. These are:

  • Evangelo (+75% Breakout speed, +5% Team Movement Speed, +25% Stamina Regen)
  • Karlee (Hazard Detection, +50% Team Use Speed, +1 Quick Inventory)

Once the character has been chosen, players will need to select specific cards suited for mobility to complete the Speed build. These include:

  • Breakout: Players with this card can free themselves from grabs, +50% Breakout Cooldown Reduction*
  • Buckshot Bruiser: When using shotguns, gain temporary health for every pellet that hits
  • Cross Trainers: +20% Stamina, +20% Stamina Regen, +3% Move Speed, +5% Health*
  • Dash: +5% Movement Speed*
  • Evasive Action: Gain a 20% Movement Speed boost for three seconds after taking 10 or more damage*
  • Fleet of Foot: +10% Movement Speed, -5% Damage Resistance*
  • Mandatory PT: +15% Team Stamina*
  • Olympic Sprinter: +30% Sprint Efficiency, -5% Damage Resistance*
  • Pep in Your Step: Precision Kills grant +10% Movement Speed for five seconds*
  • Reload Drills: +30% Reload Speed
  • Rolling Thunder: +6% Movement Speed while using an SMG, +35% Reload Speed while using an SMG
  • Run and Gun: Players with this card can shoot while sprinting*
  • Run Like Hell: +15% Movement Speed, when players with this card take damage, their accuracy is reduced by 20% for three seconds*

The cards marked by a star are the ones that any player using this build should include no matter what. Ones without a star are still useful, but are weapon-dependent or add helpful, but not totally necessary, benefits to this particular Back 4 Blood Speed Build.

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Back 4 Blood is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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