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Bachelor: Blake Horstmann Gives Dale Moss Advice For Bachelor Nation Wrath

Blake knows a thing or two about being on the receiving end of Bachelor Nation’s wrath and in an interview spoke about the advice he’d give Dale Moss.

The Bachelor franchise alum Blake Horstmann knows a thing or two about being on the receiving end of Bachelor Nation’s wrath, and now he’s sending some advice to fellow contestant Dale Moss on how to cope with it. The former reality star-turned-DJ was first introduced to the loyal fanbase when he competed for Becca Kufrin’s heart on season 14 of The Bachelorette. Shortly after Becca sent him home, Blake received a second chance at finding love two years ago on the sandy beaches of Sayulita, Mexico, where things got a little complicated for the reality star. Upon arriving to season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise, it was revealed that Blake was intimately involved with co-stars Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman prior to the show. In fact, both of the women claim they hooked up with Blake during the same weekend at Stagecoach Festival. Keeping the timeline straight, Caelynn noted she started talking to Blake for a couple months after she appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She later admitted they hooked up on the second night of the music festival after Kristina told viewers they hooked up on the first night. As if that wasn’t bad enough, things got even worse for Blake when Caelynn revealed Blake begged her to keep their rendezvous hidden from their co-stars, crew and viewers alike. As the drama continued to unfold, Blake went through a very dark time personally as he dealt with the consistent hate that Bachelor Nation threw at him.

As for Dale, the former reality star met Clare last summer while he was competing for her heart on the ABC reality series. Clare felt like it was love at first sight the moment Dale got out of the limo. The leading lady stayed true to her gut and shut down production to leave as an engaged women only two weeks after her journey began. Since then, Clare and Dale have dealt with the ups and downs of dating publicly, calling the engagement off, only to get back together again. According to reports, the meat and bones of their arguments are usually focused around deciding when they should be having children and deciding on which state the couple should reside. As of the beginning of October, Clare and Dale called it quits for good after Dale was rumored to be cheating on Clare while she was caring for her very sick mother. Now that the news is public, Clare has made it apparent that she has gathered all of the information needed to have closure with Dale. The former lead also feels like her former fiancé’s actions prove that he doesn’t genuinely and authentically love her. Clare also reportedly believes that Dale is putting on an act in order to save his public image. As for the former contestant, Dale claims Clare blocked his number following their split and wishes to not comment on the cheating rumors with fellow franchise star Abigail Heringer out of respect for Clare’s family during this difficult time.

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In a new interview with Buzz during Blended Music Festival, Blake had a few words of encouragement for Dale as he deals with the heavy wrath of Bachelor Nation. “It is hard,” Blake admits. “I would just say lay low, stay off of social media for awhile.” Blake continued to explain that the hardest part has actually yet to come because now whoever he dates in the future, Bachelor Nation will also compare them to his former fiancé. “That’s going to be hard on her and him so he has quite the road ahead of him, but he’ll be alright,” Blake said, adding he had that experience upon getting eliminated from Becca’s season. Though he and Becca “were never actually together after the show,” he hasn’t had a relationship in the public eye since.

That all said, Blake had “no idea” Dale and Clare’s split was coming, nor that it would be so dramatic. “I’m a little surprised because I feel like they obviously broke up months ago and then they got back together so I was like, ‘Oh, they worked through their hard time, there’s always those hard times in a relationship,’ so yeah, I was shocked they broke up,” Blake said. On the topic of reality stars getting the wrath from Bachelor Nation, Blake thinks contestants Brendan Morais and Pieper James deserved it to a degree because of the way they treated Natasha Parker during her time on the beach, but ultimately the entire experience will be a learning lesson for the couple.

Blake has come a long way since his time on Bachelor In Paradise. He went from being so beloved on The Bachelorette, to hated on the beach, to very well liked again two summers later. As for Dale, everything will get better with time, as long as he takes it slow and doesn’t allow The Bachelor fans’ opinions to the best of him.

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