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AI Program Makes Witcher 3 NPCs Look Realistic

A reddit user applied an AI to some NPCs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to make them look more realistic and the results are quite impressive.

Recently a fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt used an AI program to make random NPCs throughout the game look more realistic with impressive results. CD Projekt Red’s immensely successful third installment in the Witcher series launched more than six years ago and remains immensely popular today thanks in large part to the title’s modding community, who still puts out new work to keep the title up to

There is a lot in the 2015 Game of the Year that has aged well since its debut, earning praise from fans and other developers including the likes of God of War director Cory Barlog. However, because of the ever-changing technology in the world of gaming, one thing that shows its age in every title more than few years old is the graphics. That is not to say that the graphics in The Witcher 3 are now considered bad, but they are no longer as revolutionary as they once were. Recognizing this, the fan community has taken steps to bring action-RPG into the modern graphical era by taking it upon themselves to update the game wherever and however they can.

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Most of the time, these visual improvements to The Witcher 3 are done through specific mods. Reddit user gutekx12, however, had a different approach and instead applied an AI to some of the NPCs throughout the game. The end result produced much more realistic-looking images and the Reddit user shared their work in a series of side-by-side photos for before and after comparisons. There are some noticeable elements, however, that are not perfect translations, such as every NPC now having blue eyes. Gutekx12 tried applying the same AI to some of the game’s main characters, but the end result, “made them look weird.” The Reddit user did say that they may post some images of the main characters with the AI at a later date.

WItcher 3 AI Character

While not to the same degree as gutekx12’s AI, there are many mods that overhaul characters in The Witcher 3 that are currently available. Many of these improve main characters as well as NPCs, including one that changes Geralt’s entire complexion to look like that of Henry Cavil.

The Witcher 3 has enjoyed longevity not just because of the base game’s quality, but also because of what the modding community has produced for the game over the years. From bug fixers to letting gamers play The Witcher 3 in first-person, there are so many fan-made enhancements currently available to update the six-year-old title to the modern gaming landscape. Yet even without mods, there is still much about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that continues to hold up.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox platforms.

Source: gutekx12/Reddit

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