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10 Ways Leslie & Ben Are The Most Relatable Couple From Parks & Recreation

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt not only make one of the best couples on Parks and Recreation, but they are also one of the best couples in any sitcom. Fans loved following their love story throughout the series as it was charming, heartwarming, and hilarious. But there were also moments that were very relatable.

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While Leslie and Ben’s romance was certainly filled with sitcom moments, they still felt like real people who audiences believed had really fallen in love. That relatability only made Leslie and Ben a more lovable duo.

10 It Wasn’t An Immediate Connection

Leslie, Ben, and Ron going over some figures in Parks and Recreation

Though “love at first sight” is a common trope in sitcoms, real life is rarely as simple. Leslie and Ben proved this with their first interactions which were far from romantic and actually a bit hostile.

Ben was part of the team that came in to close down the Pawnee government when the town was facing a financial crisis. Of course, given how much Leslie loves the government, she did not care for anyone who suggested shutting it down while Ben was certainly not friendly about the whole thing. Looking back, it’s actually surprising a romance evolved out of this rough beginning.

9 They Don’t Share All The Same Interests

It is important for couples to have things in common so that they can connect, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to love everything the other loves. Not only do Ben and Leslie not share the same interests, but they also don’t understand some of the things their significant others love.

Very early on, Ben expresses total confusion about the obsession Leslie (and everyone else) has for the miniature horse, Lil Sebastian. Likewise, Leslie confuses things that Ben loves, like Game of Thrones and Star Trek, and seems genuinely annoyed that he likes calzones.

8 They Face Many Obstacles

Ben driving the car. Leslie is sitting beside him. While Chris is sitting behind him

Just because two people fall in love doesn’t mean starting a relationship is easy for them. There are sometimes obstacles that get in the way that prevents the romance they both wanted. In the case of Leslie and Ben, it is their professional relationship that causes complications.

Chris has a strict no-dating policy among employers and employees which is an understandable position. And since Leslie and Ben are both model employees, they are forced to fight their feelings for each other for a long time in order to comply with the rules.

7 They Share Each Other’s Sense Of Humor

As much as the viewers like laughing along with Leslie and Ben, that doesn’t necessarily mean the other characters in the show find them funny. They are both regarded by others as being weird and quirky.

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However, when Ben and Leslie get together, they make each other laugh at their lame and cheesy jokes even if no one else is laughing with them. A shared sense of humor is often one of the things that allow couples to really connect even if no one else is in on the joke with them.

6 They Have To Make Sacrifices

Leslie and Ben walking hand in hand in Parks and Recreation

No matter how much two people might love each other, there are moments when they will face difficult decisions. In some cases, couples are forced to give up big parts of their lives in order to make the relationship work and those are never easy decisions to make.

Leslie and Ben face those decisions early in their career when they come forward with their relationship and face disciplinary actions. However, when Leslie is threatened with losing her job, Ben decides to resign so they can carry on their relationship without issue.

5 Their Wedding Wasn’t Ideal

Many couples envision their dream wedding and very rarely does the reality of the event match with what was in their head. Weddings are very complicated and stressful so it is inevitable something will go wrong.

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After becoming engaged, Ben and Leslie waste little time in planning the wedding with plenty of detail. But after hosting a gala, they realize it would also serve as the perfect impromptu wedding. Unfortunately, Jeremy Jamm interrupts the nuptials with some stink bombs. There are likely many couples who can relate to an imperfect wedding, although hopefully not as revolting as Leslie and Ben’s situation.

4 They Face Many Unplanned Moments

A couple can have a plan for how they imagine their life unfolding, but it’s rare that things go smoothly. Almost certainly, there are going to be some surprises along the way as Leslie and Ben discover.

While there are so many unplanned moments that come along the way, the biggest shock for Leslie and Ben is undoubtedly their first pregnancy. The fact that they are having a baby is a big enough surprise for both of them, but then comes the news that it is actually triplets which introduces even more complications.

3 They Support Each Other’s Losses

A drunk Ben and Leslie talking in Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is such an upbeat show that makes the viewers feel good, but that doesn’t mean the characters don’t go through moments of loss. But as with any good couple, Ben and Leslie are always there for each other when things don’t go their way.

When Leslie is recalled from office, Ben is supportive and allows her to embrace how unfairly she was treated. After leaving his government position, Leslie gives Ben helpful advice to get out of his funk and start being productive again.

2 Their Families Cause Issues

Steve Wyatt has a bowl of licorice in Parks and Rec

When two people love each other as Ben and Leslie do, they become part of each other’s family and vice versa. Unfortunately, this isn’t always so harmonious as some family members are not easy to get along with.

Leslie and Ben face their share of awkwardness when introducing each other to their families. When Ben meets Leslie’s mom, she makes a move on him before she knows he’s Leslie’s boyfriend. And when the couple hosts an engagement party, Ben’s divorced parents fight the whole time and ruin everything.

1 Sometimes Work Gets In The Way

Ben and Leslie eating lunch in front of the wallflower mural in Parks and Recreation

Even when a couple loves each other, there are other priorities that sometimes interfere with their relationship. The fact that Leslie and Ben work together in the government means that this is an issue they run into constantly.

In one instance, Leslie is jumping from one work issue to another and keeps missing out on the surprise anniversary day Ben organized for her. On another occasion, they end up disagreeing on an issue at work and find it difficult to separate their work life from their home life.

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