Troy Pryor’s Creative Cypher On Way to Being Black Entertainment Giant | Black Writers Week

Are there particular qualities that unite the diverse array of creatives that The Cypher empowers?

Teamwork, a hunger for positive impact, a quest for entrepreneurial endeavors.  

What are some of the successes through Creative Cypher that stand out in your mind?

The creation of our team, the Chicago Film XLerator program, “Brothers from the Suburbs” being acquired by a major studio and the acquisition of other brands to become a partner company.

How did you become connected with Emmanuel Noisette, host of Eman’s Movie Reviews, and what appeals to you about his approach to film criticism?

We went to college together, so we’ve known each of for long time.

To what extent has your own background as an actor and filmmaker enhanced your understanding of the needs of creatives?

I can speak the language and know what is needed.

What was it like serving as a mentor for Barack Obama’s Call to Arts initiative, and why is it important for government agencies such as the National Endowment of the Arts to be preserved?

It was awesome because it was work through organizations that I was already a part of, SAG-AFTRA and Creative Cypher. It was a very organic experience for me. 

In your view, how must the entertainment industry transform in order to be truly inclusive? 

We need more inclusivity in the executive suites. This is a business so the chance has to happen where the decisions are being made.

What advice would you have for young creatives regarding why it is vital for them to have ownership over their own work? 

When you own, you can control your message. You can also decide when you want to sell and if that’s the case you can monetize your work forever. 

What are your hopes for the future of Creative Cypher, and has the pandemic in any way altered its long term goals?

Creative Cypher will continue on it’s Disney-like trajectory. Within the next 5 years, I would like to move into a Chairman only role and appoint a new CEO. The pandemic and lock down forced us to polish a few areas and trim some fat. We’re 100x more effective now! STAY TUNED.

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