5 Simple Business Tricks 

5 Simple Business Tricks 

Today, everyone can launch a business. For example, if you enjoy betting, you can create a site for people who also have such a hobby and want to bet and look for predictions here. Yet, how to improve a business? In this case, the following tricks will be helpful. 

Find a Lunch Partner

This person will support you in your development without giving up on his promises. It’s great if it’s a colleague, and it doesn’t matter what department. This format of communication motivates, inspires, and allows you to get together, make friends, and learn more about the routines, problems, and processes of your colleagues from other departments. 

Arrange for four lunches. At lunch, have everyone talk about the past week and share: – their victories – what they did well during the week – lessons or mistakes from which they learned – plans and promises – what they want to try next week, what they will do differently

Don’t Break the Chain

The essence of the method is to start a chain of days spent with a useful habit (or, conversely, without a harmful one) and try not to break it for as long as possible. For example, you decide not to start the day by checking your email and mark on your calendar the days on which you’ve observed this restriction. Or you decide not to smoke for as long as possible if you suffer from this habit now. The main thing is to make it through the first few days, and then the excitement will take over and you won’t want to interrupt the long successful string of days! 

Expanded Screen

Expand your document to full screen in Word or some other text editor: this allows you to focus only on the current document without distracting from other desktop elements. In Word and other MS Office applications, you can also minimize the toolbar to minimize distractions altogether. To minimize the ribbon, press Ctrl + F1. If you don’t need the internet to work on a document at least for the next 10-15 minutes, you can turn on the “on the plane” mode on your laptop and work in peace.

Admire the Nature Even in the Office

A study showed that people simply looking at photos of nature for 40 seconds improved their focus and reduced their stress levels. They didn’t even have to leave the room. Put your favorite plant species as your desktop wallpaper – and start a timer for 40-60 seconds when you need to relax.

Get Rid of Unwanted Emails

Unroll me lets you see a list of all the newsletters you’ve subscribed to in one place. Unroll Me allows you to unsubscribe from all the newsletters you don’t need, in one click, giving you a huge opportunity to free up your inbox. In addition, you will have the opportunity to set up The Rollup option and receive one email with all the newsletters once a day at a time you specify.

Arrive Early

Get to the venue early and mingle with the attendees. You can get used to the place and feel at home (most participants will come to you, not you to them – this is an important psychological moment), and secondly, you will already know people in the audience who you can talk to during the presentation. This will add to your confidence. 

When Firing, Don’t Hire

Try not to hire a new person to replace a former employee. If there are several people working in a department or a department, you can distribute the tasks of the fired person among them, increasing the salary for each person a little. It is quite possible that the reserves of productivity for this will be enough, and your employees will not mind. 

Adapt the Employee

If a new employee comes to you, make a plan to introduce him or her to your company. Start by telling him about your company and its achievements, introducing him to the key processes and procedures he will be involved in, and setting up a schedule of meetings with key personnel and those involved in his business processes. Meet him with a small gift. This can be a bouquet of flowers, a branded mug with his name on it, or a box of chocolates.

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