Top 5 Countries To Visit In South America

South America is full of the tallest, the driest, the massive, the steepest, and one most unique content in the world. The continent has a lot to offer from lost cities to ancient civilizations and from the ocean to the mountains. The continent does not only have a unique natural wonder but also has diver cultural traditions accompanied by great people.

The countries of the continent have continued to impress and attract tourists all over the world. If you want to explore the countries in South America, you should have to start planning for your next getaway. just start planning and visit the delta airlines official site and get your flight booking done to your favorite destination at very affordable rates. Book now and visit your place and start exploring it.

Here are the top 5 countries you should visit

1.     BRAZIL

Brazil takes up half of the land in South America and is located right on the Atlantic Ocean. A country with 69 national parks, Brazil is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet. Featuring picturesque rock formations, an extraordinary collection of flora and fauna, and a large variety of animals. It is a great destination, especially for those who look for exotic beaches to experience.

The country is full of golden beaches and the most beautiful coastlines in the continent that has a very vibrant charm. The beaches in the country are surrounded by trails, hills,s and highlighted with golden hues.   With the combination of national parks, villages, people cuisine, beaches, and festivals Brazil surely has it all.

2.     Peru

Peru is a country with so many natural and cultural treasures that have impressed people for hundreds of years and still fascinates them today. The entire country is fascinating and unique and manages to stand above the crowd while competing with other famous countries.

The country has a diverse landscape accompanied by deep blue waters that complements the most visited destination in the country. Peru also is a country that has a great history and Inca civilization. The country has been greatly affected by Inca before the Spanish period that heritages sites and ancient sites showcase the Inca architecture.

Peru is also the home to the famous Machu Picchu that captured the heart of many with its unique scenery and history. The country also has great cuisine and people that capture the heart of many.


Argentina has different geology that includes deserts to the humid wilderness and long ocean to the mountain tops. The nation also has outstanding cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage. The nation is home to a few national parks like – Iguazu National Park, the most famous national park. And a UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The Los Glaciers National Park is known to have an abundance of Prussian-blue lakes and glaciers. However, the Los Alerces National Park an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Likewise, the nation has perhaps the most delightful city like Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

4.     CHILE

Chile has quite possibly the most different scenes on the planet. The change from the desert to the glaciers filled mountain to the sea is unbelievable and unimaginable. It involves a long and tight stretch of land covering the western coast. Its most striking component is the different array of biological systems and differentiating environment.

5.     Ecuador

Ecuador is quite little and is situated at the center point of South America. The province has a variety of native cultures, pioneer architecture, beautiful scenes, and thick rainforests. It is viewed as perhaps the most interesting nation on the continent because of its excellence and culture. It attracts tourists and most are them are climbers, trekkers, adventure seekers, and nature lovers.

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